Are these backups safe enough?

Let’s say I have about 50 backup discs like the above. That means it would cost considerable time (and some money) to re-burn everything with better discs just for the sake of obtaining better scan results and (theoretically) ensure a higher reliability and longevity. For what’s worth, I’ve burned them about 3 months ago and so far there’s no visible degeneration in the tests I’ve performed in any of them. So it’s not looking like those “crapped out after two minutes” posts we see sometimes. Still, please give me your opinion by voting in the poll above.

PIF look good. PIE at the end of the disc are a little alarming, but not horrible, IMO (please correct me if i’m wrong). How long do you plan on keeping these backups? If you only need them for a couple years, then I say they should be okay.

In the future, use good media (TY, verbatim, etc.) for backups!


I bought those Optodisc for cheap as part of a test run I’ve did with several brands in my new burner, and since they didn’t seem too bad I’ve used them. I’m not planning on buying more of them as I’ve since found what seems the best bang for the buck with my setup.

I do plan on having them for more than two years, but I guess nothing stops me from checking on them once in a while and consider reburning with better media if I find any signs of degradation in scans etc.