Are These As Good

OK, im thinking of getting some Ritek Ridisc A Grade dvd-rs as the Ritek Branded A Grade discs i normally get are out of stock as SVP and i need some new discs quick.

I know both use the Ritek G04 dye but is the quality(how good the Manufactured) the disc as good as the Ritek Branded A Grade .


Links to the different media you are referring to?
Ridata/Traxdata is superior in quality to Ridisc.

Both are here

I use {DV 3098} Ritek Branded A Grade but they aint in stock and i dont think i can wait, need some disc’s , got stuff to burn. So i was thinking of {DV 3110} Ritek Ridisc A Grade as they also use the ritek G04 but is ridisc are not made aswell as the ones i use what would you suggest from there.
I stay away from bulqpack and the datawrite ones, only want X4 discs, except Taiyo Yuden as they cost to much.