Are these anygood

Are these brands of Blank DVD+R Media anygood for copying my DVD Horror movies on?
2.)Memorex DVD+R

Because of these discs have horrible quality I think that they can be appropriate :stuck_out_tongue:

Getting serious, I suggest you to get only Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden discs. All other brands has a really variable quality from decent to ugly.

Okay,I’ve only got $31.00.Where can I get Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden discs from at that price?I’ll even take a small package for now.Like 10 or 25pk.LOL…To bad I can’t burn movies onto a CD+R

What are you talking about? You can find taiyos’ for alot cheaper than that. Rima has 100 packs of taiyo’s for $34 shipped, supermedia store has 100 packs for $35 shipped. Verbatims can be found at for about $35 or $36 a spindle too, and thats with 3 day shipping.

$31 is a ripoff for memorex or tdk media anyways, unless they happen to be Taiyo’s or verbatim media codes lol. Spend the extra few dollars and just go with taiyo or verbatim. You shouldn’t get many coasters, if any at all. Your discs will also be much better quality and will last longer.

I used a 30 pack of memorex 16x dvd-r i got for like $6, and had about 6 coasters off of the 30 pack, and had a bunch of problems with the endings of the movie coming out all pixely looking. Since using verbatims and taiyo’s only, i have used about 160 blanks and had 2 coasters, both of which were my own fault. I almost always get 94+ scores on disc quality tests too, you’ll be doing yourself a favor…trust me.

BTW, there are times where cheap media is appropriate…when making unimportant copies or when cash is tight. But if your going to go with cheap media, make sure you get a really good deal on it. I’ve seen memorex and tdk 100 packs for as cheap as $18. Even then, i probably wouldn’t buy them.

For 31.00 you can buy almost any discs you want, as was stated above. If you have an Office Max in Kentucky look there for 16X Verbatims. They are about 14.99 for 50.:iagree:

I would say start with the basic 16x Verbatim disks be it -R or +R, they are a very good disk that can be got from most places if you dont want to start with the on-line thing right now.

You could get 25 or 50 depending on what you are planning to do and still have a lot of change. TY do make very good media, but IMO its not like its ‘light years’ ahead of the standard MIT Verbatim disk.

If you are going to get them in a brick and mortar shop look on the side of the tub for ‘made in Taiwan’ I can never remember which is what in the font thing to tell what exact plant they have come from, but both are good …just remember ‘made in Taiwan’, and you will get a good quality compatible disk, that if you take the time to burn right i.e. dont have loads of things running or using the hard drive and I like to make an image and have a de fragged Hdd that is not full up be it whole hard drive or partition.

Not all Made in Taiwan is good but MIT Verbies are good, usually slightly better than their MII counterparts.

They are nearly as bad as Imation DVD-Rs made in India. :Z

Sad thing is some of the worse Media is sold at the bigest local stores; so many think “Hay they made good balnks tapes so why not” then they end up with a stack of coasters. :eek:

I got a 50-pk of Verbatim DVD+R today.

Did you buy them at Office Max? They were on sale today for 14.99 for 50.:iagree:

Yep,thanks for the info on them!

I did mean only Verbatim media, but re-reading my post again I can see what you were correcting.

As for MII to MIT verbs I cant really say in either direction because in the 1000’s of verbs I have had, as far as I can see (I have not checked more than 20% of what I have used before I got a good scanner) I have only found a few MII and I cant rule out having been given them …so TBH I am only offering hearsay.

Hey Lenny Nero,Explain to me what’s meant by good scanners?I see everybody talking about good scan’s.LOL…I don’t even know they’re talking about!

Its the reason why many of us have more than just one DVD unit, I use my LG drives (see my sig) for writing the DVD and then my Lite0n is the scanner I quality scan the disk I have just made to see that its all good, I use my Optiarc for the same reason, but its not as good as my Lite0n, but used for another frame of reference.

My NEC is being moved round because I have not long found it to be a very honest TRT (Transfer Rate Test) scanner.

The (home) scanning subject is a vast one and I am still learning everyday (quite new here) but I am very happy to have learned it as I can now make a DVD copy of whatever and be 99% sure that it will be a good copy that will work in whatever I want it to do before using it in anything else, or that there has been a problem with the burn that cant be seen by the eye and then fix it.

I have also learned just how bad some (most) media can be and now only buy my media because of the dye/factory used over the name on the package, if you want to understand more (its a big subject) have a read, look see in the Media Testing forum and the CD/DVD Speed user guides, another good link in the first few lines or if you want to look at user scanned results of media you can get.

This is a very good link to start with and can give you a idea of the basics and then on into the depths.

Back to the original question, between the TDK and the Memorex DVD+R discs:

I have both of them, and their quality ranges from mediocre to dismal, depending on which company produced the discs. I have not had any TDK003-coded discs produced by CMC because I have read bad things about them (and thus I stayed away from them). I have, however, TDK-branded RiTEK-made discs with RiTEK R05 codes, and also Memorex-branded discs made by both RiTEK and CMC with RICOHJPNR03 and CMC MAG M01 codes, respectively. At least the RiTEK-produced discs sold under both brands are mediocre (which means that the burn speed should be kept at 12x or below for best results), while the CMC-coded CMC discs are :Z for the most part (they produced unreliable results at 12x, and unpredictable results even at 8x).

By the way, Antec900_2007, good call on choosing the Verbatims.