Are these any good?



The DVD/CD Drives that are on my computer are:


I was just wondering if these are any good for making working back-ups of most copy protected games?

Which protections will these do best and which ones will not be possible at all.


CD-ROM players can’t make backups, but the Benq should be capable of doing safedisc stuff. Don’t expect lots from it, just test it with various media (ReWritables of course, saves a lot of coasters) and copy protections.


BenQ. Although I bet the LiteOn is a good reader…:slight_smile:


Maybe Plextor Premium is the best for this, but it’s also costly :frowning:


Thanks Peoples


“peoples”? Does that word exist in the english language?? I’m confused…


Either a typo, or Aussie slang…Stroppy would know :bigsmile:


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Aha, now I know. :wink:


My recommendation for the best DVD Burner is and will always be the Plextor 716A. After Plextor made that model they started making cheaper versions to keep up with the market. Best Buy sold them out at $89.00, they had six left I bought them all. Today when you can find one they are about $ 139.00. :bow:


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Thanks for the recomendation about the DVD burner, I will probably be need ing anew one soon so I will have to get that model.



Ha…good to see another cobber on line. Dawsey, check this catalog out…you may find something you like here, or at least you can use it as evidence to screw the retailer you normally visit.



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