Are these any good?

I think I need help with something. These scans have low maximum #'s ( I think), but the graphs look like they have to much going on here. I have tried some of the best discs lately and I dont know if everything is fine and Im just comparing to the random “best of the best” scans that get posted here, or if I need to replace my drives or what the story is.

I see no issues with those scan pretty much what I would expect…very nice

Yeah, nice scans!

How come even though the numbers are pretty low, theres all the yellow crap still there, compared to other TY scans for instance, which have close if not the same numbers but no PIE represented by the yellow graph lines?


TYG03 from meritline??

Nope from How come?
I feel like these scans are not good enough for the media. I know eveyone will say get TY, but I like to go to the store to shop for discs, I not big on internet purchases. And they never have 8x Fuji at best buy when Im there. BTW is TY media code for both - and +r FUJI 8x?
heres another:

Rima is the best of the best. I am not sure what you are asking, but don’t worry about your scans. I have gotten better, but when your numbers are as good as this it really doesn’t matter. One thing you will want to do is keep your scans at the same speed (8X for BenQ) when you want to compare.

Unfortunately, if you don’t want to shop online, you will pay more for your media and you will get lower quality. Fuji TY has had problems, which is a shame considering the markup. If I were to only buy in stores I think I would stick with Verbatim.

Also, keep in mind your TY is 16X. As good as it is, the best scans I see are on TY G01 or G02 burned at 4X.

What speed was that MXL RG03 burned at? It looks perfectly acceptable to me. Some people are never satisfied with their burner if it’s not producing 99 quality scores on every single burn. Nothing wrong with a 95 score whatsoever.

:eek: No offense chas, but I would like to remind you that we are in the 16x era right now. :slight_smile:

anyway, boobytrap, don’t worry about your disks or scans. It’s media variation, and all of those scans are very nice. You know that I like to show the 99% or fastest or best of the best. But here I will show you that I can get a bad disk within the spindle, the same spindle I got the DARE 99%… Hope you understand now there are lots of variables in burning dvds.

Cool, I get it. Thanks. Youre helpful, as always!!

sorry wrong link, this is the right DARE 99%