Are these a good deal?

I was really disappointed to see the Taiyo Yudens go out of stock so quickly on, mainly because of the sweet deal and the FREE shipping. has the Taiyo Yudens cheap as well, but the s&h + tax is over $8.

How do these sales at stack up qualitywise? I don’t want to purchase bad quality media.

Digital HQ is probably pretty bad stuff.

Don’t know about Sonic, or the Matrix.

None of that will be anything close to the TY. If you care about saving your data for a year or more, go to rima and check out their TY. It’s a few more dollars for the very best media.

WoW, I thought you are comparing Taiyo Yuden of Sho4tech and Taiyo Yuden of Supermedia. Since are you comparing an elephant to an ant, I say, wait for shop4tech to restock their warehouse then buy TY

Yup, budget media isn’t worth the effort to even look at it.

I agree 100%, with the prices of media in the 35.00USD range for 100 discs, I would only recommend Taiyo Yuden media from a good online retailer like Rima. Has anyone ever used Burnmaster Taiyo Yuden media? I was just wondering about there quality. They are extemely affordable for 8x+ YudenT02.

The TY media at Shop4Tech and SuperMediaStore are different? I read posts all over the forums here stating that they’re both selling genuine TY media. I’ve purchased from SuperMediaStore in the past as well, and it’s genuine.

alan,Burnmaster quality is hit or miss I purchased 100 about 6 weeks ago, 1 cake box contained 1158 poor burns (for TY) with benq 1640 ,1620 but great with lite-on 1693s. 2nd box 1159 ok with benq but lousey with lite-on I would buy from shop4tech if you are looking for “cheap” TY.It is real TY but the quality of the burns varies from disc to disc I have had TY from shop4tech,supermedia and rima and recieved poop from all 3 and good stuff from all 3 but I trust Rima, more consistent quality than the other 2 IMO P.S. Burnmaster TY is hard to find now

How are you rating these “poor burns”? I’ve burnt off at least 300 of the TY media from SuperMediaStore and Shop4Tech, and never once had a coaster, or a dvd that was not readable in my dvd player / dvd-rom drive.

Most of the Fujifilm Tys that Staples had were 1159 and 1133 and they burned great in my BenQ1640 and my LG 4163. I should bought more.

poor burns for TY, but still ok,just higher pie and pif max. and totals is what I am talking about, no coasters from anyone just inconsistent quality and I have used 1000’s from both retailers. I have recieved TY from shop4tech twice without the tape that seals the package around the bottom :eek: and the discs are scaratced too :a . I have been a customer of both retailers for 2 years now and base this on dealings with all 3 retailers but like I said I would buy cheap TY from shop4tech it is real TY as a matter of fact I am expecting 100 -r and 100+r from shop4tech Monday and $8.56 for shipping from supermedia is :sad: there is more to quality than not producing a coaster :smiley:

mee tooo :iagree: