Are these 8x verbs fake or real

i got just recieved a pack of verbs very cheap but not to sure if they are real

made in taiwan inner hub code ZD4136-DVR-147C

Burn one and run a PI/PIF scan on the disc, assuming your firmware is decent the results alone should easily separate legit from fake. Otherwise, from the code on your discs I’m pretty sure they are real, made by Prodisc I think.

was a bit sus cost me 4.49 ish + free u.k p&p

For a 10 pack? 25 pack? (not familiar with media prices over there)

25 pk but the worst burn i’ve had

By no means is that a bad burn.

Be happy. My MCC03’s are much worse.

That is the stamper code I believe. Look carefully at the transparent area at the centre of the disc for the serial number. It should be of the form 5xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx (prodisc made) or MAHxxxxxxxxxxxxx (CMC made) or something similar.


the indian one’s i had before where better

Yup looks like it, alright. Well, they are real then. As for crappy results, I recently went through a 25pc cake box of Prodisc made Verbatim 8x DVD-R. Some of the discs had pretty decent scans, but I had 9 coasters out of 25 using both an LG GSA 4163B and a BenQ DW 1640. Yet other people have gotten pretty good results out of those discs. I guess the batch I got wasn’t that good.

There is another possibility though : blank discs are supposed to have shelf lives. I’ve bought Mitsubishi DVD media discs which were going cheap. I’m fairly sure they must have been old stock because I really don’t think Verbatim/Mitsubishi produces 8x media in 10pc cake boxes anymore. Burning results were highly variable. Two discs with a quality scan of 98 and 99, the next was a coaster.

It’s possible those discs you got were near the end of their shelf life, so the shop put them on discount to get rid of them fast.

Blank disk shelf life is at least 5 years … so I doubt the verbatims were that old.

well on the cardboard label it’s got verbatim corporation, 2004
so can’t be more than 5 year old must be a batch datawrite missed out on :bigsmile: still quite good for the price compared to ritek or datawrite stuff at 18p a disc

prodisc sucks even cmc is better

Well, worst comes to the worst, try burning them at 4x. I’ve been able to sometimes get half-decent results this way, out of Verbatims which gave horrible results at 8x on my LG GSA 4163B.

That scan show a great burn. Don’t think you have anything to worry about…