Are These 25GB Verbatim (50pk or 20pk) Good


Could do with some reliable 25gb BD-R, i live in the uk and wanted to buy these Japanese ones


for archive of family videos and photos

any opinions… or if you got some better options


The brand is good, and these are probably HTL discs, which is what you want, but I don’t know the Japanese packaging well enough to advise you. You can probably find Verbatim discs in the UK, with English labels. These should be made in Taiwan, and be the same quality.

Try to avoid LTH discs, which use organic dye instead of the inorganic recording layer of the HTL discs.

Maybe you should ask the seller in which country these media is made.

If it is made in Japan, it could be Panasonic-media. If it is Taiwan-made it´s probably CMC, you should get same media in an other package a lot cheaper than this

I don’t know Japanese, but I know where to look for the origin in labels (red box).


Google translator says:
台湾 means Taiwan
日本 means Japan

So, although the image quality is not the best, both spindles are made in Taiwan.
I don’t know if that is good or bad, but even this M-Discs “VBR130YMDP5V1” are made in Taiwan, so…

If you want to go “made in Japan” only, these Panasonic are japanese:
50 units - LM-BRS25M50S (spindle)
20 units - LM-BR25LP20 (in slim cases)

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