Are there more than one dvd fab?

are there more than one dvd fab?
is this a free download or is this a buy service
i have a free download but now i am not sure it is complete since i tried this too and i can not burn it
i save the movie onto my computer and i burn with roxio

shrek 3 will not do this it comes up with error
Window came up stating:
DVD Shrink incountered an error and cannot continue
Failed to open file “C: SHREK_THE_THIRD VIDEO_ts.IFO”
The system cannot find the file specified.

maybe my dvd fab is not complete???
i have tried RipIt4Me, DVD Decrypter, & DVD Shrink

[QUOTE=pkvc;1947038][SIZE=2]are there more than one dvd fab?
In a word, yes.
All are free downloads.
There are two retail applications: Gold and Platinum.
Both are available for 30 day free trials. These are full-feature apps, the only difference being the trial version stops working after 30 days if you do not purchase.
I would encourage you to visit Fengtao’s home site for descriptions and comparisons.

There is also a freeware version, DVDFab HD Decrypter It is a ripper only and has no integrated burn engine. Perhaps this is the app that you’re referring to…:wink:

Gold and Platinum.
I have Gold it works great.

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There is also a “crippled” version that does not contain the CSS scrambling removal engine; it is posted for legal reasons on some sites.