Are there major issue with the 5007?

Am I being overly paranoid are is there something wrong with the 5007
as compared to other models like the 5005. I ask this question because
there are Many Many 5007 on sale on ebay, but not many of the other
models. :frowning:

I think so. I’m on my second one and it is acting up in a major way (locks up a lot, records only part of a program, loses parts of the TV Guide). It started out working well, except dumping the Guide now and again. I’m about ready to send it back to LiteOn again. This model is also discontinued and has not been replaced with another unit that has the TV Guide.

Thanks for the Response, I trying to do my due diligence before buying
one. What about the 5104 or the 5005 are these having issue

Just a heads up, but I think most of those 5007s on ebay are open box/returns. There’s a good chance that most of them have got problems. I thought I was buying an new item. Turns out that it was a return and had problems. Beware ebay!

Also, if you send it back to LiteOn on an RMA, you probably won’t get a 5007 back. They told me I was going to get a 5005 back. Turns out they sent back a 5007.

I bought my 5007 on Ebay from Sears Liquidation and have had no problems so far. The guide works great, it records very good from all sources, including DV, OTA, and rear auxilary inputs. Mine was labled an “in store return” on Ebay…but I suspect it was just an open box. The unit was in the original packaging and didn’t appear to ever have been opened. The only thing missing was the RF cable (who cares). The blank dvd was intact and had never been recorded on.
The first thing I did when I got the unit was upgrade the firmware. The unit acted strange, but after 3 times unplugging it and trying again, it finally took.
I actually have considered upgrading my unit to a Panasonic ES20, since I would like the ability to record to DVD-RAM, but I really would have a tough time giving up the TV guide. It is so nice to be able to click on a show and have it record. It’s hard top beat that.