Are there less costly alternatives to Microsoft Map Point?

Are there any free or less costly alternatives to Microsoft Map Point, or does anybody know where to find best price for Microsoft Map Point? That’s a program that maps directions from point A to point B, from point B to pointC, from point C to point D, etc. for multiple destinations. Basically it does same thing as Map Quest or Google Maps but for multiple destinations compared to the simple single destination. Microsoft Map Point cost over $250 at staples.

Don’t know much about an alternative but you can get it here Click Here , don’t know much about this store but not sure if I would trust it. Or you can try Amazon here Click Here otherwise the prices on eBay look very cheap and no one is bidding on them. Click Here For eBay

A couple of years ago I got a map program from DeLorme that could do that. It was a ‘last year’s’ model on the $10 software rack at Fry’s, iirc. Check the cheap software racks at Staples, Office Depot, OfficeMax, etc.

MetalSlayerX, the reason for no bids on some at eBay may be due to payment method required. The seller for at least 3 auctions expiring today requires fax of ID and both sides of credit card for credit card payments. There’s no way I’d fax that kind of info, and they should have a secure online form like most other vendors. I may try 1 of the ones that accepts PayPal or perhaps the cheap software racks suggested by olyteddy.