Are there DVD-ROM drives that read dvd+r(w) only?



hi all,

I’m using an IBMT21 laptop and it seems that the dvd-roms used by IBM T series does not read dvd+r(w) discs but only dvd-r(w) ones. So I decided to resort to dvd-r(w) ones. But today I found somebody on ebay claiming that his dvd-rom only reads dvd+r(w) discs. So my question is: are there really such dvd-roms on pc that read only +r discs?

if so then which type of readers (supporting either +r or -r) is more popular on pc? and what is the future trend of readers (not writers) on PC? are they still going to be divided to be supporting either +r or -r only?



Yes.Those drives that can’t read the + media are most likely older models that don’t support + media.I have a 3 year old toshiba and it didn’t do + media until I used hack’t firmware to get it to work.


To answer your other question, it would be next to impossible to find a new ROM drive now that would not read next to everything, other than DVD-RAM.