Are there differences in quality between M-Disc BD-R's, like there are between regular BD-R's?

I understand with regular BD-R’s, those made in Japan by Panasonic are better than others, and Verbatims made in Japan (MKM?) are better than those made in Taiwan (CMC) or Singapore.

Are there similar differences in M-Disc BD-R’s, or are all M-Disc BD-R roughly the same?

For example, for M-Disc BD-R’s there’s a Verbatim 25GB 25pk with English-language packaging (cheapest), a Verbatim 100GB 5pk and a Verbatim 50GB 5pk both with Japanese-language packaging, and the Millenniatas.

Many thanks.

There probably are differences as both Verbatim and Ritek have been known as sources for these discs.

It is such a small market niche that I wouldn’t expect any methodical comparative tests to appear anytime soon.

Thanks for your reply.

Is it that, even with what M-Disc is physically and how it differs from regular BD-R (e.g. there’s no issue of HTL vs. LTH), different manufacturers could still screw it up?

(In other words, no one really knows which brands of M-Discs are good, or live up to the claim of lasting 1000 years?)

Thanks; hope you don’t mind my follow-up.

Quality control during manufacturing is an important factor affecting performance, just as design and choice of materials are. Ritek has had a more uneven record across several optical product lines over the years,

Thanks again for explaining, schuster. Very helpful, and I appreciate it.

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