Are there any SATA drives that support slower CD burning speeds?

My Samsung SATA Lightscribe DVD burner burns audio CDs at 16x and up, but I’d actually like to burn at 8x or even 4x. Do any modern drives (any brand) support slow burning speeds? Thanks.

Not really. Some LG drives might offer you 8x, but mostly the lowest is 16x. It depends on the drive-disc combination.

Any particular reason you want to write at these lower speeds?

Maybe someone reading this can tell me if they’ve experienced slower burning speeds on a SATA burner. That’s what I’m hoping.

My particular reason for asking? My experiences burning audio CDs for playback in a variety of players including DJ CD players and car head units have been best when I’ve burned at slow speeds. I was surprised I had to give up that option when I went to SATA drives.

What media are you using? There’s usually a reason drive makers don’t offer lower speeds for a given media.

Hmmm. My step-dad is a DJ and, provided he uses good media (Taiyo Yuden), audio discs burned at 16x play fine on his equipment. He uses a Samsung SH-S183A to burn his discs.

Pioneer 215 —> 4x/10x/16x/24x/32x/40x
Optiarc 7200A —> 8x/16x/24x/32x/40x/48x

Thank you Vroom! The Pioneer model looks great. Looks like it’s discontinued. I was just about to buy it based on your data but the sole retailer wants $20 to ship it. So I will wait and keep my eyes open. Maybe someone else will say that their drive also burns at slow speeds.

For everyone who has great stories about audio CDs burned at higher speeds, I’m really happy for you!

So far never had any problems burning audio cd’s (TY and Verbbatim) at high speed 24x+ even my old teac cd player played the discs fine.

LG GSA-H62N —> 4x/8x/16x/24x/32x/40x/48x

I Don’t know about the recent model GH20NS, but the specs should be the same.

Thanks for your help guys. Maybe sometime I’ll upgrade, or downgrade as it were. For now…

I just dropped in an IDE cable and added my older Pioneer DVR-108. I’ll use that to burn audio CDs.