Are there any rewritable DVD9's?

As the question says: does a 8.5GB rewritable DVD exist ? Or is it a very new invention which isn’t yet supported by most writers such as DVD-R DL ?



What are you laughing about?

Anyway, no DVD-RW9 (or would it be 9RW?) exists as far as I know. Which is a pity, since rewritability would partly justify spending the ludicrous prices DVD9s still cost.

The standard for DVD+RW DL is being worked on, but last I heard, it will require a new writer and discs will be very, very sensitive to readers, due to very low reflectivity, or require new readers all together.

HDDVD or BluRay will probably come out long before 9-RW becomes reliable…

Right now I my wish list :slight_smile:

A lot of people can’t even get +RDL writing down consistently, rewriting will (if it shows up) be a nightmare.