Are there any programs like Convertxtodvd that allow you to merge files/titles, and customize the DVD menu?


  1. I’m trying to turn individual movies into chapters (but all under one movie title)

  2. When i used Convertxtodvd, I had set up the dvd menu options to play the title menu first. But it never works.

After burning the dvd, then inserting the dvd into my dvd player, it still skips the title menu even though I’ve un-checked/un-ticked “Auto-start Playback”, “Skip root menu initially”, etc…

The help would be greatly appreciated!


I’m not sure why this is not working for you. I am not familiar with ConvertX; only used the trial for testing, and that was years ago.

A program similar to ConvertXtoDVD is AVStoDVD. It is free to use.

This program is not very advanced for menu building, so you would only get to select each individual video from the menu itself, though there is a Play All button that can be selected in the menu.

It is also possible to have AVStoDVD convert your videos and output as dvd-compliant mpeg2 or separate video and audio streams. You could then import them into a more capable dvd authoring program like GUIforDVDAuthor. I do this when I want more creative control, though I use a commercial authoring program called DVDLab Pro ($$$).


Not sure but perhaps, un-checking ’ [I]Don’t create single menu for single title[/I]’ might help…
Have you searched the CXD2DVD forums?..