Are there any new programs better than DvD shrink

I have to DVD Shrink but everyone says its outdated and that you can’t copy any movie with it because of the new copyright protection codes or something is there somthing better than DVD shrink thats just as easy to Use

DVD Decrypter (and possibly RipIt4Me) are required for newer copy protections, for “shrinking” DVD Shrink will never be outdated :wink: .

Some of the most recent movies were backed up using only DVD Shrink.

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I personally find Recode to be a good compromise. The latest versions of Recode in combination with AnyDVD can handle even the latest Sony protections and Recode’s compression is very good.

As for DVD Shrink being outdated, you know, I’ve made that claim before but the Shrink camp has changed my opinion on this with some pretty compelling arguments. Yes, Shrink has “problems” with non-compliant DVD structures, but, it can be argued that it shouldn’t accept screwed up DVD structures. That being said, however, it means you need to do some work to get the latest Sony titles to work with Shrink. It can be as easy as using the freeware RipIt4Me to get a compliant DVD structure. Or you can use DVD Fab Decrypter which is freeware, as well. Or if you’re an AnyDVD fan, currently there are several ways to get a compliant DVD structure for use with Shrink. You can use the latest VobBlanker beta as a ripper with AnyDVD running. You can also use CloneDVD2 as a ripper if you put it in DL disc mode to turn off compression.

The point is, if you’re comfortable with Shrink and want to continue using it, by all means do so. Don’t let the protections win and force you away from good software. Believe me, it wasn’t easy to change my mind on the state of Shrink, but, the extremely knowledgeable users here have done so with very compelling arguments.

In terms of quality, assuming you have the DVD ripped (by whichever favourite program you like to use), the best program to use is DVD Rebuilder. There’s a freeware edition and a Pro. The quality of the output of any transcoder (Recode, DVD Shrink or any of the other wannabees) can not be compared to Rebuilder.

As it does a full re-encode, it takes time (a couple of hours on a reasonably fast PC), and there will always be people who say their (computer’s) time is more valuable than the quality of the output. This is laughable to me, but these people have a right to their views.

I, for one, have always wanted the highest quality on my backup, rather than a quick (and dirty) 10 minute job.

So, if you are really looking for “something better than DVD Shrink”, try DVD Rebuilder.


I agree with blutach.
Some may think that I go a little overboard but I use DVD-RB Pro on all movies that require compression no matter what the % is.

Since shrinking a 90 min. movie with maximum quality in DVD Shrink takes more than 4 hours on my computer, i better stay away from Rebuilder :wink:

I agree. For the person that is backingup a movie that they are just going to watcg a couple of times at most, putting 3 hours into a project that can be done in 30 minutes is somewhat a waste of time unless you are using a screen larger than 50" and cannot see the movie. Tell me, are you happy with the backup you have been gettng ( quality wise), is your time worth anything to you? A 30 minute backup with Shrink AnyDVD and Imgburn is fine. On the movies Shrink cannot open because it i not being updated anymore if you have Recode you are good to go. Just my opinion.

I don’t know…DVD rebuilder or ripit4me + dvdshrink … yeah its an easy choice ripit4me + dvdshrink wont make me just taste what they have to offer and then make me pay for more. ripit4me has it all there for free…my back ups look very good. I have never had a complaint.

I have a 54" and using ripit4me dvdshrink and imgburn works great!

Agreed, until Blu-Ray or HD bcome the standard you will be able to backup your movies in avariety of ways using Shrink an other programs free or very little cost. When HD or Blu-Ray come into the picture as an industry standard then Shinks days will be numbered, until then it is still a viable alternative, not my first choice but viable.

true! looks like Blu-Ray will be the stanard soon… just my opinion…well with the ps3 letting you buy a gaming/Blu-ray console…but thats a whole nother thread if not forum…so what would you suggest for Blu-Ray? I already have some ideas for hd-dvd…

I think the bigger companys like Slysoft have already come out with solutions, while they are still in their infancy at least the support will be there for a nominal fee. Freeware is great but support is also important, their is no support for Shrink other than a few forums that can make no changes to the program, all they do is cry about the movie industry. While other applications that I admit cost money (and I am not talking about a fortune here) are taking this problem and actually doing something about it.

Getting back to the subject at hand, I do believe blutach is quite correct…for a Single Layer backup, nothing beats DVD-RB. The pro version is worth every penny if QUALITY is important to you. I don’t see the need to purchase CCE Basic to use with it, but, I know some people feel it gives that absolute best quality. Personally I feel HCEnc does a superb job. The only downside to it has already been pointed out…it takes a lot of time to encode. But, if you truly care about quality, then the results will be worth it. Definitely check it out if you’re looking for something better than Shrink or Recode.

Nonetheless, I maintain that if you’re currently happy with DVD Shrink and were only looking for a replacement because people say it’s outdated, then stick with it. There’s no reason to change just because of the newer protections.

Interesting point SamuriHL. I have been a Procoder 2 user for a long time, as many people know. However, Hank’s advances are simply astonishing and if you prefer a sharper feel to your encode, his encoder is just magnificient. And you can’t beat the price, can you? I don’t feel CCE is in the race at low bitrates - that is where Procoder really shines.

As for alan1476’s view, I don’t care how many times you’re gunna watch the movie - you don’t want it to look bad. Instead, at least for me, I want it to look as good as possible and even though everyone knows I am a mod on the DVD Shrink forums (where we do give support to the product), I prefer DVD Rebuilder.

As for the time element, it isn’t you who are putting time into your project when an encode is done; it’s your PC!! Set the encoder at low priority and work away as usual (or just do it overnight if you have a slower PC). This “time wasting” argument is simply ludicrous! Like, what’s the hurry? Your PC gunna run outa steam just before you finish? (even if it did, the encode picks up where it left off).

The OP asked if there was a better way than the existing methods, one that was just as easy to use. After ripping the DVD, using DVD Rebuilder is a one click operation. I call that satisfying the OP’s request.


I would agree with you, blutach…especially on the time argument. That’s never been an issue for me as I have 2 dedicated video machines that do nothing but record, edit, and playback video of all types. :slight_smile: Setting up an encode on one of those is a snap. For those that don’t have dedicated machines, as you said, run it over night. It’s done when you get up and you can burn away. Or have it auto-burn with IMGBurn and you wake up and have it completely done. (I like verifying the files on the hard drive before burning, personally). HCEnc is absolutely AMAZING these days!! Hank has done an incredible job. I’ve seen procoder before but I don’t own it and feel it’s too expensive for what I’d use it for. It seems like a nice piece of software from what I’ve seen. The results…you can’t argue with those as the video quality was darn good.

I’m all for the right tool for the job. For minimal compression needs, CloneDVD2 works just fine. For slightly more compression needs, Recode is a good choice for me. And if I need heavy compression I try to use a DL discs. When I’m out of them and don’t have money to buy more, I opt for DVD-RB Pro with HCEnc.

In any case, yes, DVD-RB indeed satisfies the OP’s request in every way. It’s always good to have many tools in your arsenal.

dvd-rebuilder and cce is overrated. it is better than shrink or any other transcoder but it’s only slightly better. I use it but only when using more than 30% compression. i honestly can’t even tell the difference unless I pause and watch a scene frame by frame. I compared two backups this way made by dvd-rb/cce and shrink using about 50% compression. Shrink with max smoothness was a little worse, but it was also 4 times faster. Dvd-rb/cce with 3 passes takes 1 hour and 45 minutes to make a backup. I have a core2duo 6600 too which is a very fast processor. I remember with an athlon 64 3000 it took several hours just to make one lousy dvd. I use Clonedvd myself. It’s quality is comparable to shrink and is super fast. I can make a backup in 15 minutes on average.

I did a comparison a few years ago regarding the difference in quality between CCE and transcoders (specifically DVD Shrink). Whether or not you feel the difference is enough to be worth your time, you can make the call.

I think many users of DVD Rebuilder will disagree with you. I know I can spot a DVD Shrinked movie a mile away.

Just check out these comparisons:

Also note that CloneDVD was removed from one comparison because it performed [B]so[/B] badly.