Are there any free video converters

Hi im new,
I just wanted to know are there any free video converters that are not of free trial or put watermarks when you convert that i could download and are there any softwares where you can take screenshots of a video and thats free too, ive triedmany screenshot takers but they result always comes out in black and ive already tried the print screen way too.
Thanks in advance

You have a video capture card?

Nope :confused:

Google for a video capture card once installed then you will not have a problem,
I don’t think you can do a simple print screen on an active video since the image is not captured.

Take a look here

Search for the conversion type you want to do and select a free tool in the results page.

To take screenshots of a video you can use the free VLC

As to the black screen captures, that comes from trying to capture something displayed in ‘overlay’ mode. Turn off video acceleration for the app that is displaying the video and any screen cap app will work.

Sonya010101, check out DVDFlick…Not sure of the screenshot capture, but this is a great freeware converting/authoring program… :slight_smile:

What type of video files do you want to convert and what do you want to convert them to?