Are there any "fast-response" optical drives out there?

Hello everyone,

Two questions:

  1. Anyone know of any way to prevent Microsh*t’s Explorer from reading the disk name without my specifically clicking on the CD/DVD icon in the folders pane? Know what I’m asking? You want to look for something on your hard drives, fire up Explorer, and then have to wait while bloody Explorer insists on reading the CD label, even though I REALLY DON’T CARE!!! Yes, it does frustrate me just a wee bit… and please don’t reply with a suggestion that I remove the CD from the drive. Thanks. Anyone know of a registry tweak to resolve this, or a Explorer patch, so’s it will only read the CD label if I click on the drive icon?

  2. Anyone ever found a fast-response (is there another term for this?) CD or DVD ROM drive that won’t take 12-15 secs to access when I insert a disk in the drive? I have a lot of CDs and DVDs I want to catalogue, and at any other times, actually, it’s again, just a tad, just a wee bit irritating to insert a CD/DVD in the drive and then have to sit there and twiddle my thumbs while the bloody thing winds up and, for all intents and purposes, hangs my machine… same p’tty well goes for removing a CD/DVD from the drive (although faster when removing). I’d be willing to pay up to around $200.00 if need be for a drive that would quickly “come to life” when I insert a disk into it. Any suggestions?

Thank you folks.

Maybe what you need is a second optical drive so you can have discs in each.

Quick answer is no, it takes a certain amount of time to mount a disc. Some drives are a tad quicker than others, but there’s no real way to know till you try them. If you open Explorer right after inserting a disc, it’ll update as soon as it can. OR, having Explorer already open, hit F5.

If you have Nero Burning Rom, you can use Nero DriveSpeed to lower the max speed of the drive(s) which will reduce the time it takes them to spin up and read the label name. May not work that well but you could try it out if you have it.