Are there any DVDRW drives that can overspeed DVD+-RW media?

Is any DVDRW drive out there allow you to overspeed (burn) DVD±RW media faster than its rated speed. We all know BenQ drives can overspeed 4x Taiyo Yuden +R media to say 12x or 16x but are any drives able to overspeed 2.4x +RW media to say 4x or 8x same with the -R format. If drives out there can overspeed say 2.4x DL media to 8x why not ±RW?

No, overspeeding RW media has not been implemented in any official firmware that I know of.
Attempts with overspeeding RW media using patched firmware have always ended in disaster.

Yes, indeed. :sad:

Thats a shame its amazing how you can over speed say 2.4x +R DL media by 4 times its normal speed and the quality can still stay quite good. I hope one day one company adds support for overspeeding for RW media.

What about CDR-RW media has any drive ever support overspeeding of this?

I don’t think this has to do with the drive.

Recall that one of the reasons why high-speed and ultra-speed CD-RW media has not caught on and why most CD-RW media is still of the original 4x variety is because they simply cannot be burned at any speed outside their (narrow) designed speed range–either slower or faster. A 16x-24x rated CD-RW can’t be burned at, say, 12x, and it can’t be burned at 32x. It seems that RW media have a very narrow range of acceptable burn speeds, and this is dependent on the nature of RW media itself.

That’s what I thought as well until I got my new notebook with a Matshita DVD-RAM UJ-840S drive. The drive can write CD-R at up to 24x but CD-RW only up to 10x.

Just for fun I tried writing a Verbatim Ultra-Speed CD-RW 16-24x at maximum speed (10x) on the Matshita drive, and the result was at least as good as when burning on either of my desktop drives at their rated speed. And I could also erase and re-write the CD-RW afterwards.

So I guess there are exceptions even to this rule.