Are there any drives these days that are as reliable as when Plextor made their own hardware?

I remember Plextor being cream of the crop when they still made their own hardware and didn’t rebadge. Then BenQ being awesome and after that point I kind of stopped following who made the most reliable hardware. These days, I don’t have any faith that a new burner I buy will last past six months. Is there any brand or particular model, with Blu-Ray writing capabilities that will outlast six months?

I had good experiences with Pioneer BD writers. My 206D is from 2011, still works fine, same with the 208D and 209M. All older than 6 months. :wink:

I don´t know hoch much you burn/read a day, but I have newer drives which seem to be reliable. My iHAS 124F from 2016 is used for more than 1000 scans and some hundred burns.

My first Pioneer 209D was DOA, but the replace-drive works since 2017 without problems.

The only bad experience I made the last years were with LG DVD-writers; I had 2 defect GH24NSC0 after 3 years and some defect GH24NSD1 which lasted less than 2 years.

The LG BD-drives seems to be better

Nocturnal, I do not believe that any drives manufactured in the last few years could even come close to the quality and reliability of the Plextor drives. I, for one, wish that Plextor still made their own drives. I have bought numerous LG blue ray burners and most seem pretty dependable except for the LG WH16NS40 drives. I have purchased three of these and have only been pleased with one of them. Now the WH14NS40 drives seem to be very reliable and the only reason I purchased the WH16NS40 over the WH14NS40 was because of the faster BD-R write speed. I have stopped buying the WH16NS40 drives because of the irritating rattle when they spin up when you boot the machine up and the hesitation to reliably read and/or write the BD-R blanks. I have gone back to buying the LG WH14NS40 drives since the BD-R blanks don’t write at 16X anyway.

I have had Pioneer 209 drives 209D and 209M. Wonderful drives. Had 209D for 4 or 5 years and 209M for at least 1 1/2 years. No problems.

Some ppl forget about the prices.

My PX-W1210A had a price of 600DM (>300€) in year 2000. Now a DVD-writer start with the price of 10€

And the actual drives have a weight of 0,6kg, my old IDE-Teac CD-W 512 about 1,6kg

I dropped by a thrift shop at lunch today, and noticed they had several old pata dvdr drives in the junk electronics section. These old pata drives were indeed significantly heavier in weight, compared to any of the moden dvdr drives I have.

I have a Pioneer DVR-219L and its a few years old and seems good, i use it only to burn cd-r so not daily use. The Pextor drives are expensive, but would be good though

The DVR-219L is not a real Pioneer, it´s a rebadged QSI. It could be a good drive, but in my experience the QSI are a bit problematic with some media, the original Pioneer-drives (except awful DVR-217) are good with a wide range of media

Thank you Tester, I never realised that.

I have been trying to find where to post an issue i am having with recordings, may be the drive but is strange same place on discs, wasted 3 jvc(ty) and about 4 cheap test discs, but burned 2 albums without issues, have to see what my old pent4 desktop has i got a used pioneer in there. I might use that over the QSI

I don´t have the 219, but the 220 and 221. Both are picky with a few media, especially the 221. On the other hand both can do good or very good burns with some media.

Maybe, since i have used up all my original taiyo yudens (old ones,- not jvc / CMC taiyos), the 219 might be picky with these, sometimes working, but strange issue SAME place on all the burns that the problem arises - could be the uploader of the file, thoughplaces on the pc without issues

The 220, 221 being later models could have more issues.

Not sure if it works, but i have my old Sony SW-U14A in a box somewhere

burning at 8x speed, maybe new discs being 40x, maybe higher speed