Are There Any Differences Between These TY Discs?

I want to purchase a TY DVD-R 100-Pack online. SuperMediaStore and Rima both have 100-packs for nearly the same price ($0.35 difference after S&H). The only difference I see is that the SuperMediaStore TY is 4x and the Rima TY is 8x, but I want to know if there’s a quality difference between the two?

SuperMediaStore TY 100-Pack:

Rima TY 100-Pack:

The SuperMediaStore is “Value Line” TY, and overpriced at that.
Rima sells only premium grade stuff, and is a very reliable store.

The Rima 8X TY is a bargain. The Value line has not yet reflected this and is indeed, overpriced. Grab all the TY from Rima you can afford. There is no better media and no better seller.


No contest-

Buy from Rima - you cannot go wrong - besides you get the media in two 50 disc cakeboxes - and the “Value” from SuperMediaStore comes in a shrink wrapped bundle (NO cakebox) - and the difference between Rimas customer feedback and SuperMediaStores is the difference between night and day - (with Rima being the day)


Thanks guys for the fast replies. I’m ordering from Rima now :slight_smile:

I know it’s a bit late but I concur with the others. No point in ordering value line for less than $3 difference for all of the reasons mentioned above.