Are their different O.E.M versions of the Pioneer 108?

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I realise its a lot to ask but can someone please post a picture of their OEM version Pioneer DVR-108 drive. I have seen a couple of sites selling the Pioneer DVR-108 drive in the UK and even though they announce in the advertisement that its the OEM version they none the less post this pic. of the drive. :confused: Here is a LINK to one such site selling this drive. Just scroll down to the Pioneer section. Is this possible??


So far I have only heard of bulk versions of the DVR-108, retail DVR-108’s, and the DVR-108XL. The only rebadge I’ve seen is the DRW-1604P from ASUS. I haven’t seen any DVR-108’s with different normal/kernel types such as what we usually see from Medion or Sony…

Drives sold as “DVR-108 OEM” will not look like the picture you attached above, only Retail DVR-108XL models will.

Seems like some false advertising going’s on then :Z

Try the photos here,

Is Asus DRW-1604P really a rebadge? It seems to have some different features (even though the chipset is the same).

Yes, the Asus drive is identified differently from its Pioneer equivalent. The features should be the same as a standard DVR-108 though.

NCix did the same thing when the first got the drives. They said they were retail but they were only OEM’s.

It’s too bad that places do these things, but half the time it’s people that doen’t even know what a dvd writer are that are putting together the ads.