Are the updates worth it?



I am currently using Nero 6603 and NVE 3014 with no problems so far!

I was just wondering if the most recient updates are worth it?



I don’t see anything in the update that would prompt me to download the newest version. Still running and the last version of Recode.


Updates are ok but its becomming a weekly thing now with some progs…


@ all
A generalised rule is you don’t need the update if the new things it offers aren’t what you would use or if the bugs it fixes aren’t what you have experienced or you are having no problems now. Sort of like “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”. For you, Kyliefan001 I would say no, you don’t need to update at this time.


You really don’t need to update if everything works for you !!!

For me its just a matter of pleasure !!! I am always searching for an update on the web. I update everything: firmwares, drivers, softwares, hardwares …, I love it !! I get very bad surprises some time, but… I still need to update !

Am I sick doc?


No, around here you’re normal.



when i were a lad i also used to religiously update everything, firmware, drivers etc etc. But nowadays it’s just not necessary. if it ain’t broke, dont break it no further, or you are gonna regret havin to fix it ! :slight_smile:



No but you could after you flash it and you don’t like the way it works. :eek: