Are the Memorex True 8X good drives?

Hey I just got a Memorex True 8x DVD burner, and I was wondering what people’s opinions are of them?

I read a review of it over at and it rated it pretty decent.

I am new into the DVD burner scene, and I am quite supprised on the various models and every drive seems to have some problems. I mean my gosh in the CD-R market, practically all drives run just great.

But anyway, some opinions on the drive would be welcome. I bought it locally and don’t have very many choices. Mainly the Memorex, Sony and Lite-On.

There are three completely different Memorex 8x DVD Burners.

Its a rebadged Pioneer. Buying on the interest is usually cheaper. Personally never had a Pioneer. Here’s a review for Memorex True 8X: