Are the higher quality samplings of DVD audio/SACD's worth it

I’m new to this whole online chat process so be gentle. I’m wishing to improve my knowledge of CD/DVD quality standards. I recently purchased a pioneer DV 989 which plays the full range of recording standards. Concentrating on CD’s only at this stage- are the higher quality samplings of DVD audio/SACD’s worth it – eg, can the differences be heard by the human ear compared to standard CD’s? Secondly, in order to preserve my CD collection, will the normal computer hardware copy without any loss of quality for normal CD’s, and what about DVDaudio/SACD’s (assuming you have the appropriate software) Are there other/better copying hardware options?

If yourare using high end equipment to listen to your music I think it is quite noticable.
The burning programs I have used, Nero, EAC, and Burnatonce all copy CD’s in
SACD if the original disc is in SACD format.

Thank’s wobble. Should I infer from your comments that computer CD burners are as good as say [B]dedicated[/B] copying equipment (I have no need for speed or mass production-just quality)? Is their reproduction faithful. Does the copying speed have any impact on the quality of reproduction? Thanks for the hint re software. Regards phil