Are the BenQ 1620 and 1640 still among the best of the BenQ drives?

I am curious about how well the 1620 and 1640 stack up against other recent BenQ releases. It looks like they are still very good devices that may even be preferrable to the newer releases.

Is that accurate? Or am I not reading things right?


Quality wise, IMO yes that’s right. The 1620 and 1640 can produce the same high quality as the 1650/55. But preferable? Maybe yes or no, depends on each user and the purpose, also the drive itself.

I agree, the older BenQ drives are capable of equally good burning results as the 1650/55 on supported media (within standard variations between drives) and I still use my 1620 for certain media.

IMO, the fastest burn you want, the newest drive you 'd better have (IMO!!!)

I have noticed that the latest drives give much better burn at 16X. I still use my 1620 for ripping (audio and video), and burning 8X media, but I use my recent drives to burn at 16X.

So are the 1650/1655/1670 any better than the 1620 or 1640? If so, could someone explain what advantages they may have over the earlier models?

I had assumed that with firmware updates, the 1620 and 1640 would remain competitive. I burn Verbatim 16x media all the time, for example, and they work like a charm.

Just wondering - trying to keep up with all the changes and such.


The main advantage is firmware support for newer media imo and as [B]bichonn[/B] has stated, maybe better at higher speed burning due to improved firmware.

Heck, I would still happily use my old Pioneer 106 if it had good firmware support for all the newer media as the hardware is well built :cool:

So the hardware in the 1650/55/70 - is it substantially improved over the 1620/40? Or do they all share the same basic burn quality characteristics and the like?

I really do appreciate the info. It’s nice to be able to learn about the changes in newer models.

I’m not sure if there is any compelling reason to upgrade at this point. Is there?


I have to differ from most. I’ve found that with some of the “less than top notch” Verbatim’s I’ve been getting lately, my new 1650 handles them far better than any of my 1640’s. That said, I still use my 1640’s for ripping and for burning most other media without a hitch.

The 1670 is not part of what I call “good drives”.
The 1640/1655/1650 have an improved FW (over the 1600/1610/1620), but over all, improve hardware to allow a better cooling of the drive, thus, achieve a greater speed in a more reliable way!!!
Don’t forget that the faster you burn, the hotter the laser must be to give the same burn quality. As you imagine this generate a lot of calories. A new generation of harware was needed!!!

Had not thought about the heat factor on the laser stuff. Something I should consider, I guess.

I do have good ventilation in my cases though, so perhaps that has helped me avoid trouble.

Long live the 1640!!!


I’ve had my DW1620 (B7W9) for over a year…coming up on two years now…burned probably over 1,000 discs (mostly YUDEN000 media). Awesome drive. I also got a DW1640 about a year or so ago and found that just as superior. I have no need for anything else at this point and highly recommend them.

I did have another DW1620 before the one I have now…I got hit by the QA problems BenQ had a while back. But, I RMA’d it, and got the one I have now. BenQ rocks!

I have a BenQ 1620 and a BenQ 1655 and as far as write quality is concerned both drives are quite similar, perhaps with a slight advantage for the 1655 especially for some DVD-R media. Both drives yield also similar scan results. However, the 1655 is much cooler than the 1620 and I really appreciate that. Also the tray of the 1655 slides out smoothly while that of the 1620 does not. All in all I would say that the build quality of the 1655 is better.

I bought some Sony CD-R’s that were on sale and are rated 48x. My 1640 only sees it as a 32x disk, while the 1620 sees it as 40x. Odd one, that.

I have to admit, I like the 1620’s setup with the burning lights better than the 1640.

But the fact that both seem to go to great lengths to ensure quality burns, plus the native bit-setting, makes me glad I own them.

Holy moly. Looks like lots of people REALLY like the 1640.

One of my 1640’s died after 11 months. Benq replaced it with a 1650. I miss my old 1640, it produced better burns in my opinion. Glad I had an extra one!

Does the 1650 use the same basic inner “guts” that the 1620 and 1640 used? Or did the deal with Lite-On change all that?


I was at my local Compusa yesterday which still had rebadged 1640 drives instock under the Compusa brand. Also there was the Norwood Micro 16x dvd burner and Connect Computers brand which both are rebadged BENQ 1650 drives. The Connect Computer brand with lightscribe is a rebadged LG drive and the one without lightscribe is the rebadged BENQ 1650. I opened up the boxes to see the sticker on the drives. The vent on the drive is a dead giveaway for BENQ drives. :wink:

As far as I know LITEON didn’t make any changes to the 1650 drive.

So the 1650 is still a full-on BenQ style drive, with all the perks and quality control stuff that that 1620 and 1640 have?