Are the AD-719x worth buying?

I need to buy an IDE DVD burner for my father-in-law and I have been an NEC fan ever since my 2100AD (modded to 2510A thanks to Liggy). I know these 719x drives are Lite-On’s but are they at least stable/reliable enough with quality media like Verbatim or TDK (at 12x)?

I still waiting for the 7200’s but NewEgg still doesn’t have them (prefer to purchase via them). If these are truly crap drives, then can someone recommend another <$40 IDE DVD burner (ex: ASUS, Pioneer, etc).

Also, I’d prefer to stick with drives that AnyDVD probably doesn’t have region issues with.


They’re pretty nice drives actually, but avoid them if CDs are an issue. The Pioneers should be a good alternative if you can’t get the new NECs.

Thanks for the info. CD’s will definitely be an issue, so I’ll check out the Pioneer drives.

Well, as someone who has just had the misfortune of buying a 7191, with some of the attendant problems, I’m sure there are better drives out there.

If you want a drive that is a good CD writer then I recommend a Samsung SH-S202/203. My SH-S202N (PATA + Lightscribe) is a very good CD writer on every make of disc I have thrown at it (TY, Verbatim DL+, CMC, Ritek, Daxon, Moser Baer). It also does a good job on TY T03 & MCC004 DVD+R at 12x.