Are TDK non-Ritek still available?

DAMN, just got them now, freaking 48x, not 12x… :a

TDK (old school) made CD-Rs are really rare over here too. Only way to get em is through auction (Yahoo Japan) or if you have friends in the recording industry or know a shop owner selling CD-Rs who has some private stock left (you have to be a really good friend because they wont sell those discs to normal customers…). The last CD-Rs TDK made with their good old own dye where the 12x CD-Rs.
Now the good news: There are TDK made CD-Rs still availabe. They use a little different dye but they have the same TDK quality and are made by TDK in Japan!! They are called “CD-R AUDIO PRO” and use a ‘polyolefin substrate’. In Japan these discs are available under the “Theory” name. The only thing is that these discs are only available as 74min(650MB) discs and the price should be higher than other discs…
So if you see TDK discs made in Japan with a ‘polyolefin substrate’ thats the No1 choice for you guys searching for great TDK made discs.

I had a bunch of TDK and Kodak Gold discs back in the days, and used them on throwaway stuff. Didn’t know what I had back then!

By the way, watch out when ordering CD-Rs from major retailers based on the stock image they show. They’re very often out of date by quite a lot.