Are TDK non-Ritek still available?

All new TDK media sold are Ritek Dye, at least here in US they are. I am looking for the old TDK, th eone’s with the rich dark blue bottom, with dye by TDK. Does anyone know if TDK sold out andnow discontinued their own line of cdr with their dye, or are they just hard to come by?

My best ever results were those dark rich blue bottom discs, I would really like to get them again, even if at $3 a disc, I don’t care.

I don’t think there are any CD-Rs in the US with TDK dye; those are probably only available in Japan :frowning:

TDK labels Mitsui, Taiyo Yuden, Moser Baer and other CD media here as well, not just Ritek .

The new TDK 52x “reference” discs (light-blue package) are high quality Mitsui discs. My Plextor Premium and NEC ND-3500A don’t have the lowest error rates with these discs (not as low as TY, but still low; both can burn them at 52x and 48x respectively), but the quality of the discs itself is awesome (extra protective layer, nice finish and great looks). They have the extra robust Mitsui phthalocyanine type 8 dye, which should guarantee longevity as well.

This is how the spindles look like:

P.S.: Original TDK CD media is very rare over here now, too. TDK media used to be absolutely fantastic, especially in the beginning of the CD burning era. This is a scan of a TDK Reflex 650MB disc I did recently.

The disc was burned at 4x on August 6th 1998, over 6 years ago, with a Yamaha 400t CD burner.

Plextools 2.17 C1/C2/CU Scan with Plextor Premium drive:

Such low error rates (as low as the best TY discs today) after 6 years is just amazing.

Fantastic doesn’t near describe how it was, my TDK scans make TY look like endless spikes. They were the only thing avialable in the US about 2-3 years ago, had I only known one of the best media ever would no longer be around, I would stack up a few thousand of them. This saddens me greatly, but I hope I run into a cake of them, maybe with some luck on my side…

Well, there’s always Yahoo Japan Auctions:

Heh, no clue what it says, also, how do I know what I am getting, it migth be of many dye types, unless of course its stated and I can’t read the darn thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you happen to know?

Both auctions are for TDK 12x tough-coat CD-Rs, 650MB, made in Japan. So they’re either actually made by TDK or by TY; either way those are some old school CD-Rs and likely VERY high quality. can help you with bidding if interested…

I do not like to guess or assume things, but wouldn’t any TDK at 12x likely be TDK dye, since thats all they used to use back then. I think I found a website that sells them, but I am thinking to call first to ask, I might also call TDK and ask them if they support their old type anymore.

Tomorrow will be fun day on hold for me :stuck_out_tongue:

xtacydima, I have ~50 genuine TDK 8x 650MB discs here still, this is the ATIP:

They are printable even. :wink:

Only use them for very special audio burns, of course.

Lucky you, but that doesn’t help me, I need like 6 of them for a special project. I am thinking to try one place I found on-line and bascially keep my fingers crossed if the rep’s don’t know much on th ephone, which they usually don’t.

Wonder why your code is different from mine:

xtacydima, you have 700MB discs while he has 650MB ones. BTW I wonder what these are:

Because mine are 650MB discs, while yours are 700MB ones (Two_Degrees beat me to it).

650MB discs are usually even better quality wise btw.

Great alternatives to these old school TDKs are old (genuine) Ricoh 650MB discs, Verbatim Metal Azo 650MB discs, original Kodak Gold 650MB or Mitsui Gold 650MB discs. All of them wipe the floor with the CD-Rs being sold today as far as quality is concerned. If you can’t get the TDKs, try to get any of those.

I dunno but this adds to my phone calls tomorrow Two Degrees :wink:

Hi Packetloss

Nice to read about the new TDK “Reference” disks being Mitsui type dye :slight_smile:

I have just started using these blanks.

Is there anychance that you could post a Media type report from one of these disks please?


You mean the ATIP information of those TDK “reference” discs? Here it is:

Hi Packetloss

That was quick, I think I may well keep using these now I know what they are…

I like the blue top and that they are a bit cheaper that TY unbranded that as somebody else once said, smell fingerpints…

Sorry, yes I did mean ATIP, always forget the names of these things as there is no program like this for Mac.

Thanks once again for the information, I off to buy some more of these :slight_smile:


Hi All

Are these the TDKs referred to here in some of the posts, if so I believe they can still be sourced in the UK…


They could be genuine (old school) TDK, as can be seen here. If your source has exactly the same discs as shown in that picture (12x max.), it’s worth a try at least.

I found a 12x reference from here:
bough the pack it actually refernces at TechDepot, but TechDepot had no info on them, I got my delivery of 48x TDK, not like in the picture, nor like the description. I am sending them back, its obviously not them.

Ordered the one’s from above mentioned site:

Lets see what I get… my quest continues…