Are Sony DVD+R made in Japan always better than the ones made in Taiwan?

I went to my local Staples today and purchased three Sony 50pk 8X DVD+R. There were two choices of Sony 50pk on the shelf: 8X DVD+R made in Japan and 16X DVD+R made in Taiwan (prices are the same). I would have chosen the 16X DVD+R if I had not read the suggestion left by you guys.

Are 8X DVD+R really better than 16X? Are DVD+R made in Japan really make that much difference from the ones made in Taiwan?

I still have these doubts in my mind. Because there were only three 16X left on the shelf but a lot more 8X on the shelf. So I really want to know if I made the right choice?

I use Lite-On SHOW-1653S. My local Staples is Redmond, Washington 98052

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Luke Hu

The 8X MIJ Sony is Taiyo Yuden while the 16X MIJ has a Sony MID which has higher PIEs and PIFs compared to the TY.

Use DVDIdentifier or Nero if you have them, and check the id code on your disks. They should be Taiyo Yuden, and some of the best disks you can buy right now. I would have chosen the Japanese disks in a heartbeat over the Taiwanese ones, but I already know for a fact that they work extremely well in my BenQ 1620.

I don’t know about your particular drive, but mine can burn the TY’s at 16x if I want to—just have better results at 8x or 12x and you really don’t save much time by burning at 16x.

Your typical, unsophisticated, non-cdfreaks-reading consumers will IMMEDIATELY assume that because “this spindle” says 16x that it is better than “that spindle” that only says 8x… it isn’t that surprising that there was more 8x left.

I’ve been very impressed with the scans I’ve seen on these forums of TY 8x media and have raided my local staples for all of it that I could find.

This statement means nothing. Many people will report the opposite. Blank media does not “have PIE and PIF”. In fact, the MIJ Sony media is equal to TY in burn quality, even better in some burners.

To address the actual question posted, yes MIJ media is almost always better than MIT.

You’re right. The Sony MIJ is better than the Sony MIT. But I merely wanted to add that given the choice of 8X Sony +R MIJ to the 16X Sony +R MIJ, I would take the 8X any day since the burn quality is better than 16X. Scans here in the forum shows YUDEN T02 to be one of the best MIDs around.

The differences are very small, the MIJ Sony is excellent media. And, it’s one of the few types that can be reliably burned at 16x in a wide cross-section of drives. There’s ample scans of D21 posted around here to demonstrate that. T02 burned at 16x is not as reliable in as many drives.

I would choose the Sony MIJ D21 over T02 if I intended to burn at 16x.

Yes, if 16X is the intention I would not recommend T02. But even then many here recommend 12X for burning 16X media because the edge of the disc tends to produce more errors when burning at 16X. And the T02 will shine in 12X. I myself burn 16X media at 12X like the Verb MCC004.