Are serial code distribution sites illegal?

You know those sites on the net that provide cracks and serials (and seem to be loaded with spyware)… as they seem quite common I was wondering whether they are legal or not? I would have thought them illegal but there seem to be so many that I can’t imagine them not being legal!

They are illegal. And some of them are nothing more than viruses or trojan horses. So before you dowload, ask yourself if you feel lucky…

So before you dowload, ask yourself if you feel lucky…
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Groovemeister they are illegal for sure, them being in big numbers doesnt really change the fact they distribute copyrighted material - or ways to use it without paying the corresponding fees.

OK, question answered - thanks!

How come the really big ones like Astalavista haven’t been shut down? And how come people download from them considering that all you’ll ever get is a trojan or spyware? You’d think that they’d learnt their lesson!

Same reason that a lot of people talk on their cell phones, put on makeup, and eat while they are trying to drive. Sometimes they get away with it, but it remains to be dangerous…

Usually those sites are fakes, but there are a few that I know that actually have real eMule links to the real keygen or serial.

emule (and all p2p programs) are different.
you don’t need sites to provide a link to a file which you’d also easily find by typing “program x keygen” in emule’s search-field… :wink:
this topic is about crack-sites. and there are thousands of them, and i also ask myself why they are not shutdown, as there are several ones which i know for years now, which still exist.

If you just type in program x keygen, it’s very likely that you’ll get a virus not a keygen. But if you get the download link from a trusted site for that specific keygen, the risk is lower.

if you say so… :cop: :bigsmile:

Yep, I believe so.

I’d say you were incredibly naive or just plain wrong … All these sites either:

  1. Attempt to exploit ActiveX to install nasty trojans.
  2. Pack the trojan in an Exe file that your must run to “Crack” the program
  3. Make you install a trojaned “Download manager”

The answer to Astalavista is:

  1. Astalavista has no copyright material or methods to gain unlawful access to copyright material on their site, they have only links to other sites which do this.

  2. Hosted in a country which doesn’t have strict anti-copyright laws, or possibly just any feasible way to enforce them.

  3. Possibly a dynamic DNS??