Are self-destructing DVDs coming back?



I just posted the article Are self-destructing DVDs coming back?.

Flexplay Entertainment is currently producing self-destructing DVDs once again. The DVDs destruct themselves after 48 hours of use, which serves renting purposes.
This kind of DVD has been around…

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Umm…don’t all DVDs have chemicals in them? The only place I see the self-destructing discs being of use is for screeners and the like. The price is ridiculous (there are now DVD rental kiosks in my area that charge US $1 per day) and all they do is generate waste. What happens when the seal gets broken in shipping or on the shelf? I’d be tempted to stick a PIN through the package on store shelves. Plus, how many times do product packages get sliced when the shipping carton is opened? Besides, how many times can you rip a DVD in 48 hours? It only takes once. Anyway, how many times could a DVD be ripped in 48 hours?


I would NOT handle that kind of DVD or put it in my player, no matter how many tests show that it’s safe. :r


Why don’t they just sell discs made by Ritek? Same result.


LOOOL at CDan! :d :S :+ :stuck_out_tongue:


what about the environment? This people dont want to be green.


I was thinking the same thing, if they caught on, they would sure help fill up the landfills and use up resources.


Well, it’s a great concept but there are flaws: 1) too expensive 2) leads to waste/environmentally unfriendly If they drop the price and start recycling (for example, bring back the disc and you get $1 off your next rental) then I could see it flourishing.


what a terrible waste of resources. this is completely irresponsible!


I’m confused … Ritek DVDR manufacturing never stopped :d


There is one common thread in all of this…what will make the most money? The biz-word is ROI. The environmental and efficiency factors are, well, just not part of the business equation. The only logical answer I’ve seen is "How many times can you rip a DV in 48 hours? That renders the whole idea worthless-business-wise. It fails to increase ROI or protect property rights.


Don’t think that would be to good of a use of resources. And like dentman42 said, it’s not like having chemicals in it is really going to make a difference, since DVDs are made out of plastic, a chemical :slight_smile: I bet if you wanted those DVDs to last longer than 48 hours you could reseal them, and throw them in a fridge. I’m betting that it’s a photooxidation reaction so it needs oxygen and light to oxidize, take one of those away and it goes slower, cool it down it’ll go even slower :slight_smile:


…and when you take it out of the fridge, and put a cold dvd in your player what happens?.. Wha about the contamination of food in your frigde?. don’t want to think of such a product getting in the hands of kids :+ … No thanx… the whole idea of self destructive DVD has self destroyed itsself from conception… :r


I don’t think this will go on for long. The overhead, and thus the ROI will doom the attempt. Rentals can’t afford the overhead, sellers won’t be able to convince anyone to buy a short-term piece of pollution with no real value. From what I’m reading The big rental firm are looking a downloading boxes to reduce their plastic and mailing overhead. We shall see.