Are SATA DVD worth it

Just built a new rig.
In the market for a new toy.
Is there any significant differences between SATA DVD vs IDE???

Looking at the new liteys

Cabling is about it really. The new Samsung 203 SATA drive looks good to go if your in the right place to buy one. Look in Samsung forum for details.

thanks, will check it out.

Nice new build you have there :clap: :iagree: :cool:

I have 4 gigs of that same RAM but only use 2 gigs. Saving for a rainy day i guess.


I’m not in your league based on what I’ve read in the forum.

However, my build really didn’t cost that much to build < $800 at newegg.

Only problems I’m having is Vista 64.
My virus scan and spyware checker aren’t up to snuff…
and for some reason, I’m having problems getting my memory up to 800
it defaults to 400, haven’t had a chance to play with OC.

Also, Checked newegg, couldn’t find the new Samsung…

I still have hardware and software i use that won’t work with Vi$ta so i’m still with XP Pro 32 bit. I do have VMware running and Ubuntu Linux 64 bit that runs good also but i have not loaded in the drivers it needs to print etc… I don’t know enough about it yet :o :bigsmile:

Read that upgrade to Vista 64 needs XP 64, otherwise it’s a new install.
My old OS / machine was good, but since this was a new build I thought I’d push it. Other than virus and firewall have been pleased with vista 64.

So far haven’t seen any significant improvements on DVD read / write / scan.
Although, my burns / scans QS have been better on the new machine, even though I still use same media / software.

Finding drivers for scanner and Epson CD / DVD printer were a challenge, but CDfreaks forums solved these problems.

I’m glad your satisfied :slight_smile:

I’m not out of your league :disagree: You built a nice machine man :clap:

What’s the fastest SATA ROM?

Are there any with 16x and a 2MB cache?