Are SATA drives not recognized by some software?

My CD ripping software (No. 1 CD Ripper) does not seem to recognize my new SATA drive at all. (It is a new cheap Lite-on model from Newegg.) Windows XP has no problems and Media Player plays audio CD’s, but the CD Ripper software cannot seem to “see” the drive at all. Is this possible or normal for SATA drives? Do I need to upgrade my CD ripping sofware?

While I am at it, what is the recommended ripping software these days. I would like to get something good and flexible (wide range of options). Right now, I am more interested in high compression rates rather than sound quality, so I generally use the “32bit Normal Mono” setting for the smallest possible files. I think Media Player can rip CDs and maybe so can the various burning softwares (Nero, etc.). Is that true?

If so, maybe I don’t need a dedicated CD ripping program anymore? I will greatly welcome any advice and comments.

We need a little more details of the programs and software to narrow down the problem.
What is the model of your drive and its firmware?
Also does you O/S have driver support for the unit?
What version of media player do you have?
What is the ripper software you are using?
You might be missing some plugins or codec that allows for ripping but also check the preferrences in media player to see its settings?