Are ritek dvd-r disk much better then princo dvd-r



i have been having problems with princos dvd-r 4x where the last 15 minutes of movies freezes so i got some ritek G05 dvd-r 8x are they much better.i have a pioneer dvr-106d firmware 1.07.


no. g03 was good for ritek g04 started the horrible variability and g05 is pretty much shite from what i here.

check the scanning forum you should be able to search for g05 and your drive to see what others have gotten and the firmwares they have used.

TY -r is supposed to be good.
MCC is also supposed to be good


burn at 4x only in your pioneer 107


If you’re going to chooose between these 2 I would say: Always go for Ritek. Ritek might be hit and miss but princo is miss for sure. There is almost no lower quality dvd-recordable availablethan those of princo. Just search the words “Princo” and “Quality” and you’ll know what I mean!

If you want good quality media, you should stick with Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim (MCC) and Ricoh.


You forgot about Sonic.