Are ritek blurays really that bad?


I can’t get verbatims (at least not the good ones) locally. I’m looking at about $3 a disc compared to $1 for riteks… think I could get away with burning everything twice? I’d think that it would be unlikely for both with the same data to fail… also I’d probably have everything burnt also on an external hard drive. Someone from 2015 said the riteks had improved, is there a certain manufacturer code that is better than others?


I find them ok so long as you don’t use their full capacity.

My experience is that if nearly all of a single layer disc is used then the burnt disc will be bad about 70% of the time but if only about 20GB is burnt to the disc it will be fine.


Would the same also go for the cheaper verbatims? I ended up biting the bullet and got some from overseas - the single layer ones were expensive compared to riteks, but the dual layer ones were about the same price as riteks locally.


I can’t say I’ve had much luck with the cheap verbatims. The moderately priced blu-ray discs that have given me the best results are PlexDisc.


They’re double the price of verbatims here :astonished:

On another topic, when I’m buying a new burner, how can I tell if it will read/write both htl and lth? The companies don’t seem to specify. And lastly, if I’m starting to wear out a burner, will it just not burn the disc properly? Or will it still burn fine but put my data at risk by being a low quality burn that will have the disc failing prematurely? Someone told me that dvd drives are only good for for a few hundred burns.


I don’t think so, not a long experience with Ritek blu-rays, but I think it’s a quality media, but let me explain with more details.

Usually people only talk about the brand, but I think it’s important to take into account that same brand can use different manufacturers. I burnt several Primeon (brand) blu-rays, made by Ritek (manufacturer), and I think it’s a quality media.

In the DVD era, Verbatim (brand) made by Mitsubishi (manufacturer) were possibly the best and most reliable option, luckily I think nowadays things have changed, not only Verbatim is releasing quality blu-rays.

Aside from this HTL blu-ray media uses inorganic alloy. An inorganic recording layer means high resistance to the effects of UV light and aging, as well as high compatibility with multiple Blu-ray burners and Blu-ray players, so avoid LTH ones (organic dye).

My burner is a Pioneer BDR-209DBK

I burnt only two Primeon blu-ray single layer discs, MID: RITEK-BR3-000, no problem at all, nearly full, at 4X.

Two samples that I got as a compensation from a complain about Mediarange discs, I’ve been using Verbatim Data Life as single layer blu-rays (manufacturer is CMC Magnetics Corp) and Verbatim which manufacturer is Mitsubishi Kagaku Media.

And I burnt nine Primeon blu-ray double layer discs, MID: RITEK-DR3-000, all succesful, a few at 2X and the rest at 4X.

These are the discs that I tested:

BRAND: Verbatim Datalife
EAN: 0023942438113
SPINDLE: 25 discs

CMC seems to have done a good job in these discs, high quality from my experience. And as you already know CMC had a very bad reputation in DVDs.

BRAND: Verbatim
MANUFACTURER: Mitsubishi Kagaku Media
EAN: 023942437420
SPINDLE: 10 discs

Very high quality, possibly even better than Verbatim Datalife because the price.

BRAND: Mediarange (MR508)
MANUFACTURER: Mitsubishi Kagaku Media
EAN: 4260057128980
SPINDLE: 25 discs

Crap media despite the manufacturer is Mitsubishi Kagaku Media, it’s necessary to burn it at 2X always, and even at that speed is not guaranteed that you get a coaster. Lot of uncorrectable errors after starting to verify second layer if you burn it at more than 2X, always.

BRAND: Verbatim
MANUFACTURER: Mitsubishi Kagaku Media
MID: VERBAT-IMf-000 (same MID that Mediarange MR508)
SPINDLE: 20 discs

Great quality, I think one of them failed, I’m not sure.

BRAND: Verbatim
MANUFACTURER: Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd.
MID: MEI-T02-001
SPINDLE: 50 discs

Superb quality as far as I know.

BRAND: Primeon
EAN: 4260027613119
SPINDLE: 10 discs

Seems to be a very good quality aswell, 9 discs burnt, no coasters, at 2X and 4X.

At least for me, the question is, which is the best one?, I mean in terms of longer life (endurance), I think nobody has the answer, but for example if double layer Verbatims have a life expectancy of 50 years and Primeon ones (same capacity) 40 years, then I don’t mind, it makes no difference to me . . .

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What tool are you using to get the manufacturer? The last one I used hadn’t been updated for bluray manufactuers.


I’m using DVD Identifier

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PS: Maybe you need to update database after installing it