I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s noticed that Ritek 8x +R (Ridata Branded) are virtually non-existent at all of the main online stores and haven’t been available for a few months now. As far as backing up stuff in general, I really trusted those discs. It seems that the company has simply stopped making them. Does anyone know of an online spot that might still be selling them for LESS than an arm and a leg? I ran across one small online store that is taking total advantage of the fact that you can’t really find those discs, and they were selling 50 packs for $40.00 each!!

Well, they most likely wouldn’t be manufacturing them anymore, so what’s left in stores is all that will be available I guess.

I recommend verbatim as a very good alternative (better than Ritek any day of the week). You can usually get the 16x - or +R discs for relatively cheap in both online stores and normal places also.

Newegg has good 8x verbatims if you prefer that for some reason. There’s also plenty of 8x TY around.

I picked up 200 of the Ritek +R 8x discs at The Tech Geek. They were about $30 a 100 pack shipped. Both packs that I got were nice quality.

Sample burn: