Are Ridisc DVD-R A-Grade (RITEK G04) a good choice for LiteON LDW-811S?


since i seem to have no luck with +R media at all (even with original Ricoh branded media i can´t get acceptable KProbe results…), i plan to use -R media. I´ve read that RITEK G04 are good media though their quality seems to have suffered a bit. My retailer offers a 25 spindle of Ridisc DVD-R (Yes, it is RITEK G04) A-Grade for a good price so i plan to buy those. I just want to know if they are good for the 811S since i was rather disappointed by it´s performance so far. I tried Verbatim DLP DVD-R once (Original MCC in jewel cases) and the results started quite good but at the end the disc went unreadable. Those media ought to be very good in most drives but i couldn´t even achieve a success with those… I start to get a bit disappointed about the 811S because no matter which firmware i use i only get average results even with the so called “best” media like Ricoh or MCC… :frowning: Any suggestions?

No suggestions?

I would suggest you try the best of Ritek G04 brand : Traxdata.
Its the flagship brand from Ritek. Never failed me on my Liteon 811S and the external finishing is also superior to other brands.
Violet Ritek and Ridisc are good discs though.

I get great results with Ridisc PI under 40, PO = 0.0

@ bacchane,
which burn program do you use for these media?

Clonedvd and recordnow max 4.5

(The “Ritek Fan Club” is going to hate me…)

If this was a several months ago, I’d say yes, they are a good choice. But I now consistently tell people that Ritek isn’t all that great. Their overall quality has been slipping, they seemed to have forgotten about the end-user and only their bottom line (with so many Ritek die-hards out there, I guess they can get away with that, too), and their media is quite variable in quality. You might get lucky and get a pretty good batch. Or you might not. I had pretty good experiences with the first G04 batch that I bought (first media that I bought, ever, actually), but the second batch wasn’t as great, and it seems that I’m not alone in experiencing that.

Hmmm… I´ve heard about Ritek Disc problems, but i thought A-Grade would be quite good. The reason why i want to buy -R discs is that i didn´t have great luck with +R media; i couldn´t even get good results (PI over 200) with original Ricoh branded +Rs. The reason why i want to try ritek -R is because i had original MCC01 before (Verbatim DLP DVD-R 4x in Jewel Cases) and all discs had strong errors at the end of the discs (>4GB)… I start to get worried about my 811S since anybody else seems to get great scans with Ricoh +R and MCC -R media but i don´t…