Are retail Cd's CD-R? And what booktype are retail DVDs?


If you mean pressed…

DVD-ROM booktype.


To answer your first question:

Retail pressed music CDs are NOT CD-R. Nor are retail pressed CD-ROM discs. There are seven different book types for CD (not counting book types for higher-capacity media such as SACD). Pressed music CDs are of the Red Book standard, while pressed CD-ROM discs are of the Yellow Book standard. CD-Rs are of the Orange Book standard. There are also less commonly used standards for CD, such as White Book for Video CDs and Bridge CDs, Blue Book for CD+, CD-G and E-CDs, Green Book for the now-obsolete CD-i format and Beige Book for Photo CD (not Picture CD, which is almost always written on Orange Book-standard CD-Rs). Orange Book CD-Rs are compatible with the Red Book, Yellow Book and White Book standards when burned properly as Audio CD, CD-ROM and Video CD, respectively.

As for pressed DVDs, that’s simple: DVD-ROM (or none).