Are rebranded media as good as the OEM?

Many of the questions I see here have to do with the best media. Clearly some are better than others. But which one’s. Example: I bought 8x +r from C***USA and could not get a good burn in five tries. Bought Fuji with same specs and all burns have been perfect. So my question is:

  1. Which major store brands are which OEM rebranded (for instance Staples is suppose to be Fuji, I think)?

  2. Which rebranded are the best value? (Since “better ingrediants make better pizza,” I expect the results would be the same as OEM quality preferences.)



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it’s not about the brand, but rather the Manufacturer ID (MID). check out the Media section for which MIDs generally correspond to which brands.

The mid’s drpino is talking about are contained on every disk and can be read. They identify the true manufacture and model of the disk. Brands are nothing more that the name that they slaped on someone elses disks. Use this free program to read the media code off of the disks you already have.
You can look here to find out what media codes various brands use
I wouldn’t trust thier rating system on what is good though. come to the forums here to find would which media codes are good.

General rule of thumb: If it states made in Japan your chances are very good that it’s quality media. Only media made in Taiwan that I would purchase is Verbatim and Sony.


I recently purchased some BenQ from a shop in canada and the sight had reviews saying they were sony disc’s and the set I received are fuji. So I would say you really can’t tell what the manufacturers are using at any one time.

It depends on the manufacturer. With Fuji you can be assured that if you get MIJ media that you are getting Taiyo Yuden discs. The same is true of a few other name brands. Back to the original question though, IMHO your best bet for quality discs is to go with the OEM media from the actual media manufacturer. I have been burned WAY too many times by store brand labels for me to do anything else. Now it should be noted that the experiences varry from person to person, but logic states that the more the discs are handled, stored/produced in large quantities, ect. that they are going to have more problems then discs that go straight from the manufacturer to a website (or store). After going through 9 spindles of Fuji and Maxell discs that had finger prints and visible spotting on the discs (over 250 defective discs total), I am done with store brand re-badges for DVD-R media. Over the last two years I have ordered well over that quantity from and and never seen a single disc that was defective.


This is just the kind of guidance experienced-based knowledge that make the site/forum so valuable to me and I am sure many others.