Are printable DVDs with glossy surface available?

one simple question.

Are there printable DVDs with glossy surface available?


I’m not big on glossy printables…but Maxell has the “shiny silver” printables. Part number 635127, look here. You can buy them at Newegg.

You’re going to have to be more specific than that. What kind of printing are you doing - they have different requirements (Screen print, thermal, or inkjet)? I read of one person who purchased a number of “printable” DVDs, only to learn that they were intended for thermal printing. He had an inkjet printer and they were useless for that purpose.

Go to and look through their descriptions. They carry both kinds.

No, I don’t think about label.
I want to buy printable DVDs (for printing with Canon i865).
My last used DVDs were Verbatim 4x but the surface is not waterresistent.
I know that glossy labels are waterresistent.
And now I want to know whether there are DVDs with the same glossy surface?

I hope I explain it correct.

I’ve never seen glossy printables, and I’ve been buying printable media for five years.

Water resistance has as much to do with the ink, probably more so, than the surface that you are printing on. One of the advantages of using the dedicated CD/DVD printers from Primera is that you can set the ink saturation (i.e. the amount of ink being applied). I get fairly glossy appearance by using the highest resolution, but cutting the amount of ink down to 25% of maximum. More than that and the ink is really piled up on itself, making it more matte in appearance.

Realize, too, that paper is going to wick up ink. It is not as easy to develope a coating for discs that will do the same, so I imagine there is less money/time that has been invested in really doing extra things with the coating on discs. Getting it to hold the ink in the first place with a smooth surface is the first priority.

You can buy a spray that gives a CD a glossy/satin finish.

Yes, I know about the spray.
I’ve used that before the glossy labels coming out for my CD-labels to make them waterproof.
But I see a problem by using the spray on a disc.
How can I be sure not to get something of the spray on the burnside of the disc. Or some bubbles in the spray or different weights.

I think there will come out a glossy surface like for the labels.

Thanks for the answers.