Are PI errors due to dirt/dust or disc faults?

Just wondering…

Say you have a quite rough quality scan all the way thru your disc.
I could happily accept that it’s probably due to the quality of the blank itself, the dye etc etc etc.

But often you do a scan and it’s all superb, really low, then out of the blue, just one blip out of nowhere, then back to low for the rest of the scan.

Obviously the media (in general) is good, so where did the 1 blip come from?

Would is more lightly be a spec of dust/dirt on the surface, or does than not cause things like this to happen, and it’s more lightly to be a tiny flaw in the disc itself?

Just wondering as it’s annoying sometimes, you think it’s looking great then all of a sudden, “Ping” one tall error line.

A grain of dust or touching the data surface with fingertips can certainly cause spike errors on scans. Also scratches can create errors on discs :iagree:


Check for dust or fingerprint - remove (gently) - then rescan and see if it eliminates the spike-eh!

Deffo got no finger marks as I only even handle by the edges.

Do you think one of these in my electric drill will remove any flecks of dust?

:eek: This will remove also the disc :bigsmile:

ROTFL :bigsmile:

Do you have any compressed air? Try giving the disc a small blast with that.

I think you should try it and let us know if it worked. :eek: