Are PC monitors NTSC/PAL capable

I have a pretty decent PC set up with a big flat screen monitor,6:1 sorround system,good sound and graphics cards and DVD so I watch most of my DVD’s on my PC.

The question I’d like answered is “are PC monitors able to decode both NTSC and PAL signals?”,I know that my DVD drive is multi region compatable and I’d like to get some region 1 box sets that aren’t availible here in PAL format in Australia, I just dont want to fork out the cash for NTSC encoded films that my PC monitor wont be able to decode.

Sorry if I’ve posted in the wrong section, any help would be much appreciated thanks.

I think there are certain DVD playing software that can play NTSC and PAL. I don’t know of any, but just do a search on Google for:

ntsc pal dvd software player region

I have no problem playing NTSC or PAL DVDs using windows media player 9 or powerDVD.

Your monitor doesn’t give a rats ass if it’s PAL / NTSC or Secam.
It just needs a signal and a frequency.

If this is 640x480x8bits@60Hz or 1280x1024x32bits@120Hz is a dependency of your monitor.

The software dvd player will try to change the digital content of a dvd media , which is recorded at either PAL , (625 lines @ 50Hz ( 50 frames per second) or 60Hz) or NTSC (525 @ 60Hz) to a standard VGA output.

In general monitors do NOT support 525 or 625 lines , so the software will usually output your movie on a 800x600 resolution to come up with the closest possible output. The rest of the screen will be black. Unless you use interpolation ,but that’s another story.

I believe practically ALL dvd playback software can display PAL and NTSC recorded media.

Technically a pc monitor is neither

NTSC is based on a 60hz. Pal is based on a 50hz

Since the refresh frequency of a monitor is modifyable (unlike tvs) and is also progressive. They dont fall under either.

Computers are intelligent enough to convert the framerates and display them on the monitor regardless of their encoded format.

In english, what belvie and lord said basically means…you can play ntsc or pal movies on a pc display,if you have decent software and decent software,:slight_smile: The moniter is not like a TV,and not yoked to the same rules…

Thanks for the help guys ,now I can waste all my savings on importing expensive region 1 box sets :smiley: