Are Paper CD/DVD Sleeves Safe?



Does anyone know if the paper cd/dvd sleeves are really safe to use for long-period storage of media? I use them all the time when I make cds and dvds to give to people, but has anyone had bad experiences with them over long periods of time? I wanna make sure they don’t harm / damage / scratch the media.


They seem to damage disks in my experience. I don’t like using them due to the paper/disk contact.


Though probably not the best way to store your media, but they are ok if you are careful with them, and dont stack them on top of one another. I have had no problems storing them like index cards in a small box. :iagree:


Just be sure there’s no moist there. For “amateurs” jewel cases are good bc there’s some airflow and if there’s moist it might dry before it kills the disc. If there’s moist on the plastic in a sleeve it will most likely kill the dvdr/cdr… Also note that ink may stick to the sleeve if you use such


@rugger: I thought the paper / disc contact would damage them as well. I’m extra careful when I remove the media hehe.

@DJMind: Stacking them on top of each other is that bad? Does it scratch the media?

You see, I originally bought a 100-pack of these for mainly because they were cheap ($4) and I needed a really inexpensive way to store some of my burnt discs; i.e. not a binder. You guys know anywhere online that sells jewel cases or slim jewel cases or anything better than cd sleeves for cheap?


It can warp the discs.


Aluminum boxes are just cheap enough for most people. A box that can hold 200 DVD/CD disks costs under US$10.


You man an aluminum box to hold the cd/dvds that are in the paper sleeves?


Kenshin, do you mean boxes like the one at Meritline? Do you have links to any?


You’ve spotted a bargain…!


they are safe and easy to use for me since I am very cautious and space saving too


Can someone post a few additional pictures of this case? (inside, back, etc.)

Also, does this hold jewel cases or paper sleves?


At one time they were selling them for $40.00 DELIVERED :iagree:. They couldn’t keep them in stock, so they jacked the price up.

Here’s the original thread for this case when it was priced at $40.00. If you read thru the thread you will find out even more details about the case and it’s features.