Are online sites afraid of the Retail Pioneer A07 or what?

I don’t get it. I cannot find a single retailer that will sell the retail version of this drive anywhere. Newegg doesn’t even list it as out of stock anymore, it just isn’t listed. They had an ETA of 1/28 but since then, nothing. all say “oem of the retail” version of the drive, and have crap software bundles. I simply want the retail version of this drive but can’t seem to find it online anywhere, anyone have any ideas?

$300?? WTF.

When it was on Newegg the other day it was $151. Hmmm…wonder if Newegg had mispriced theirs.

i bought a06 from on 1/15/04 for #141.99-$30 mail-in rebate delivered.check it out.sorry for misspost-it’s a07 not a06 you’re looking for.

Best Buy has the retail 8X8 DVR-A07U drive in the stores but not listed on their web site yet.You can call the toll free line and purchase on the phone I assume.They were marked $229 USD but the guy at the service desk gave me a better price at $219.The software bundle is Ulead MovieFactory 3 SE,Video Studio 7 SE DVD,Photo Explorer 8 SE,My Scrapbook 2,Burn.Now and Video Player.I am disappointed that my drive came with firmware version 1.03 and not the 1.05 that others here seem to be getting.There is no firmware download anywhere for this drive which is a joke.The drive locked up my PC hard on my first burn and one coaster was the result.The NEC ND-2500A is looking really good right now.

It’s only a matter of time before the new firmwares hit the net though.

I have had good success, with cheap Princo’s (1x) and Fuji-4x . I did burn 2 coasters, with Fuji + 4x but have since had good burns on the same media. I find the Ulead Moviefactory a pretty good program, as most of my burning is from my camcorder, or old home movies. I also have had no problems with DVD X Copy.