Are Nero diagnostics different than ImgBurn's

I recently experienced an unrecoverable write error with a Lite-On DVD burner that I had purchased through Newegg about a month ago. I determined that it was the burner that was defective as follows -

  1. I tried to burn the disk image with ImgBurn three times and got an unrecoverable write error message (and three coasters) each time at a different point in the burn.

  2. I put the fourth blank TDK DVD-R in the burner and ran ImgBurn in Test Mode. It failed with an unrecoverable write error near the end of the ‘test burn’ (98%).

  3. I put that same blank DVD-R in my other PC which has an identical model Lite-On burner and successfully burned the same disk image into that blank DVD-R.

Conclusion - It was the Lite-On burner on my other PC that was failing (defective).

When I tried to get Newegg to replace it they told me the drive had been invoiced 38 days ago and was beyond their 30 return policy. They gave me the phone number (toll call) and URL for Lite-On, since there was a 90 day warranty on the drive.

I got on Lite-On tech support chat and they said I would have to run Nero diagnostics before they would agree to honor their warranty. I had removed Nero back at version 6 and replaced it with ImgBurn, since Nero was very difficult (for me) to use and I never could get it to do what I wanted nor understand what I was doing wrong.

Lite-On said they didn’t support ImgBurn and if I didn’t install and run Nero diagnostics there was nothing they could do.

In this particular case I got lucky. When I went back to Newegg and told them my ‘sad’ story they granted an exception and gave me a RMA to allow me to send the drive back and have it replaced.

  1. Newegg provides great customer support (satisfaction).
  2. I will always buy from Newegg.
  3. That is the last Lite-On I will ever buy.
  4. Lite-On should learn from Newegg.

My question (at last) is this. :wink:

Has anyone ever had Lite-On honor their warantee and if so what diagnostics did they require? Also, does Nero have diagnostics that are different than ImgBurn and if so in simple terms what are the differences?

Thanks. If I have posted in the wrong place, please move this post to the correct area.

This could go in the Burning Software forum, but its fine here.

I don’t have an answer for you. Maybe LUK will stop by and give you an expert opinion on the differences in his software diagnostics vs Nero’s.

I do know that a company that requires you to have a specific [B]commercial[/B] software before they will honor a warranty has lost my business automatically. Not that I would buy Lite-on drives in any case. Or Nero.

Hope you get some answers.