Are NEC 2500/2510 any good with Ritek G04/05 DVD-Rs?

Hi everybody!
I have a Pioneer A07XLA with hacked fw 1.16 and it burns Ritek discs like a charm. Two days ago I had the brilliant idea to buy a second DVD recorder (I wanted a DL burner), a SONY DRU 700A (based on Liteon 832s…). As I updated my Sony to fw y05 (latest version available) I started making some burning tests with Ritek g04 and g05. Unfortunately even if the burning was completed without errors when I checked the DVD-r for read errors I found them unreadable (Ritek G05 8x media fail to read at 2,4 Gb circa, while 4x media is full of read errors). So I am very disappointed of these results because Pioneer writes the same discs without a single error even if I burn 4x media@6x or 8x with hacked fw
Now since my dealer is going to change this horrible SONY/Liteon DVD burner for another Dual Layer drive, I decided for a NEC 2510 even if I am reading very bad reports about it.
So I just ask everybody using most of times RITEK DVD-R discs these 2 questions:

  1. is NEC 2500 or 2510 able to recognize Ritek G05 like a 8x media with original firmware?
  2. How do these 2 NEC drives burn Ritek discs? (I use DATASAFE MEDIA 8x, ARITA 4x, MIRROR PLATINUM PRO 4x, all ritek DVD-R dye…)

Thanx to everybody answering…




1.) The ND-2500A can write @8x on RiTEK G05 up to firmware 1.06. The new version 1.07 is limited to 4x, as the ND-2510A firmware.

2.) I had no problems using RiTEK G05 @8x (1.06) and @4x (1.07). I haven’t tried RiTEK G04 yet.


weird! Why NEC removed support for G05@8x with the update@1.07 and in the 2510 drive? Doh!

thanx 4 your reply!

RiTEK media (G04 and G05) is known to vary very much in quality. They want to get rid of these problems with the new G06 dye, that is not yet available. That’s the reason why NEC reduced the recording speed.

The same problem exists with the Ricoh R01 dye (perhaps also R02). They vary in quality from batch to batch. So you have to be lucky if you want them to burn well… some burns (even with the NEC, that is IMO master of writing quality) looks just like crap, others are very good.

To be on the safe side, one has to take Taiyo Yuden or MCC. They always offer top quality, but they’re also more expensive.


In Europe there are discs made by 3A Media which can almost compete with MCC and TY especially for -R. I’m currently working on fine-tuning of support for these discs :slight_smile:

I get damn great K-Probe results for them @ 8x :slight_smile: I already found the optimal write strategy on the LiteOn 832, for the NEC 2500A there’s still some work in progress for the +R part :slight_smile:

They are sold as MaxDISC and Prodye in Europe :slight_smile:

Burned @ 8x with LiteOn 832 using firmware VS04 and TTG02 strategy:

Burned @ 8x with NEC 2500A using firmware 107v2 Final (Internal Test version) and PVCR001002 strategy:

And another one:


Yes I’ve already seen some offers for Prodye here in Germany. I’m glad to hear they’re good discs, because they’re very much cheaper than TY or MCC. :slight_smile:
Nice scans! :iagree:
Are these discs supported by the NEC stock firmwares already? How is quality?

Your final version of 1.07v2 must be great! More media, best writing quality and even 4x speed for DL-discs… WOW! :bow: :bow: :wink:


I had very bad experiences in the past with some Maxdisc I bought from a friend for testing.
But the media code was Optodisc001 and its was on a Liteon 811S.

A new star is born with these 3 A ?

Is it the same corporation as the adhesive tapes (and other hi tech material) ?


Thanks for the good news.

I mixed up with 3M but keep up your good work with new entrepreneurs like 3A !

Sounds superb to hear Herrie is finishing his f/w I can’t wait to burn my discs.
How’s the support for the Ritek r01 dvd+r and specially Optodisc 04…

4x DL? I have been having an argument with someone who said the highest DL can be burned at is 2.4X. So is this really possible? If it is then whats the maximum speed you can burn DL discs at? I know single layer discs max out at 16X.

My experience with Herrie’s 107v2b5 fw for the 2500 is great for all the G04s I purchases from newegg. I used to buy the silver matte G04s and moved onto the cheaper G04s with the Ridata logo on top and they still burn flawlessly at 4x. I know the f/w allows me to burn at 8x just about on any media but I know these G04s can’t handle 8x. With that, I’m assuming the G05s should burn fine with Herrie’s beta firmware. Can anyone confirm this?

I would rather see Herrie release his fw now without 4X DL support as he said above.

Better support for SL media is more important atm and 2.4X DL for the 2500A, if achieved for the majority, is enough of a technical feat.

Yes, I agree! :iagree:
Since DL media is much overpriced these days, it will take a while until we really need 4x for DL media.

Hmmm, I heard someone report, that he wrote a DL disc @4x with success with one of your test firmwares. How is that possible then? I must have misunderstood something…


Didn’t work for me :wink: I heared reports too, but that was with LiteOn 832 :wink:

Ah! OK!
Then I changed the drives in mind… :o

Primedisc (25 pack) RitekG04
Burned with NEC-2510A FW2.15 Nero

burned @8x with 2500 @ 1.07v2b4 only the last 25% gets out of the 40 PI area.

Hi, Herrie. Are they these ones:

Thanks a lot! :bow: