Are my TDK BD-REs fake?

hello, i’m new to the forum and new to bluray. i just got my first blank blurays today from japan which i ordered off of ebay.

i bought a five pack of TDK “life on record” BEV25PWMA5A BD-RE 1-2x.

i popped one into my BDR-2207 drive and checked the MID with DVD Identifier.

this was the result:

Unique Disc Identifier : [BD-RE-SL:CMCMAG-CN2-000]

Disc Type : [BD-RE SL : Class 0 - Version 2]
Manufacturer Name : [CMC Magnetics Corp.]
Manufacturer ID : [CMCMAG]
Media Type ID : [CN2]
Product Revision : [000]
Stamper Date : [Not Present On Disc]
Layer Info : [1 Layer (L0) : 25.03 GB (23.31 GiB) Per Layer]
Blank Disc Capacity : [12,219,392 Sectors = 25.03 GB (23.31 GiB)]
Recording Speeds : [1x , 2x]

[ DVD Identifier V5.2.0 - ]

are these fake TDKs? also, what are the legitimate codes for TDK blurays?

the other day, i checked up on some memorex CDRs which i burned in 2004 and stored since then and they had pin holes in the reflective layer. they were made by CMC magnetics as well which is why i am concerned.

TDK at one time produced their own BD-RE discs. I have some with the TDKBLD-WBA-000 mid code, and they have been reliable media.

But that only lasted a short time, and since then they have used blu ray discs from manufacturers in Taiwan, including, as you can see, CMC Magnetics. So they are probably not fakes, just outsourced.

If you want the TDK mid code discs, they are still available in the US under the Smart Blu brand. These are made by FTI, which has a license to use the TDK technology and mid codes.

greetings kerry56, i thought TDK was outsourced to imation?

p.s, i paid $21 for these discs, was that a good deal?

TDK is part of the Imation group, which also includes Memorex brand. But they buy their blank media from various manufacturers, like Ritek or CMC Magnetics. I haven’t tried to keep up with the current suppliers for them, but others around here might know for certain.

$21 for 5 is not an outstanding price, but might be understandable for such a small quantity. You can buy 10 of them for $28.20 (with free shipping) from Amazon:

Those Smart Blu discs I linked are under $3 each, but that is before the shockingly bad shipping prices that site charges. But those are TDK mid codes too.

should i trust these discs with important data?

i thought i was going to get genuine japanese media when i purchased them. for highest quality discs, what bluray discs should i buy? for dvds, i use YUDEN000 T03 & TYG02 but i am a novice at bluray.

I wouldn’t use any re-recordable media like BD-RE for long term storage. They are good for temporary transfers, and testing purposes. But they are quite slow in burning speed, which is annoying.

If you want Japanese made media, I would buy Panasonic made discs if you can afford them. They are some of the best BD-R you will find. Taiyo Yuden only makes LTH varieties of blank blu ray, so my advice is to avoid them.

FTI is making excellent quality blu ray, so the Smart Blu discs are a good choice. I’m not fond of this site’s shipping prices however.

And Verbatim blu ray have been good in my experience. Make sure not to get their LTH discs. These should be fine:

Some of our more experienced users have been excited to find the INFOMER30 mid code discs sold in the US under the Melody brand. They have been getting very good reviews:
But I have not used these personally.

thanks for the info. is there a list codes for verbatim and panasonic to tell which are genuine/high quality?

p.s, here are some test results from my TDK CMCMAG-CN2-000:

You can find the mid codes in our Blank Blu-ray Media Tests subforum:

Panasonic will be found in the Matsushita Electronics threads; Verbatim will be found in the Mitsubishi Kagaku Media threads.

Several of us Old Time reviewers of Optical Drives used Nikoneko out of Japan for our BD media.

This guy ships world-wide and his prices have always been reasonable. If you have any special requests for media made in Japan he will find it for you also.

If anyone is interested you can check them out here.