Are my DVDs insane?

It is somewhat weird… but I had this cheap pathetic DVD lying around that I never really took care of. Its clean from scratches since I never used it, was just gathering dust in my desk, but its a no name brand. Somehow it gets a Quality Score of 90, while I’ve tried VARIOUS different other brands (TDK, Maxell, HP, Verbatim) and I keep getting around 60 as a score. What could it be?

I’ve put those name brands DVDs on my disk drive way more often, they have small minor light scratches that are not even noticable with light unless you look hard enough, some of the DVDs are clean from scratches yet I get that bad score… while the cheap no name one I rarely put in the DVD Drive reads with a score of 90 could it actually be that since I use my other DVDs more than the cheap media one, it reads better?

DVD media are such a mystery :iagree:

The “quality score” doesn’t mean much.
Maybe if you posted the actual graphs things would be clearer… :wink:

Also the burning speed, mainly in NEC burners, can make things look very different in PIE/PIF scans. But the “quality” score" is extremely misleading in many instances.

Without the scans, nor the mention of the exact burner/firmware, there’s not much to say…

Sorry about that :doh: I was in a big hurry so I decided to post it before I left. Anyhow, these are a few pics of the CD-Quality tests that I did on some of my DVDs. I haven’t touched my LITE-ON’s firmware at all.


[B]TDK 16x[/B] (This is a grayish one, similar to THIS except mine is a 16x, and its +R)

[B]TDK 8x[/B] (Another TDK but this one looks like THIS , thought it could perhaps be somewhat different quality-based since its a 8x )



[B]Cheap Media (NO NAME)[/B]

Sorry if the pictures are a bit too big, hopefully this can give me a better insight on how good (or bad, which is probably the case :sad: ) they are in.

Thanks in advance!

Holy shite! A readable LONGTEN media!
None of them are terrible … except the Ritek (no suprise there) :stuck_out_tongue:
None are particularly good either.

Where are you storing these discs?

All of those DVDs except for the LONGSTEN are stored in slim jewel cases, the LONGSTEN one is actually in a slim DVD case.

I store my other (jeweled case) DVDs on a CD shelf next to a window basically like this Picture

The sun doesn’t really directly shine on the DVDs though and if it did I would just pull the curtains down or something.

how old are these discs?

may try another fw for a lark and see

and yes…your dvd’s are off there rockers…that longten may be masquerading as something else… :eek:

Two different things.

  1. Quality score: it’s very low because on all media scanned except, for some reason, the Longten and the Ritek (Maxell), there is a single huge PIF spike at the beginning of the scans. This can’t be media related, and is probably a glitch that the scanner has produced at some point in time. I bet that if you re-scan the first 100MB of some of these discs, this spike will come and go. Most probably a quirk of your drive.

  2. Actual burning quality: you don’t mention if you burned all these discs in the same burner, and at what speed, which makes things difficult to grasp. Are all these burns from the Pioneer?

I burned these DVDs with my LITE-ON SOHW-1673S J502, the same one I used to read these disks too.

Since I was a bigger newbie back then, I would usually go with max speed, if it was 8x, I’d go for 8x, if it was 16x, I’d go with 16x. The newest one there is the Verbatim which was burned around Sept 2006, this one I burned at 4x.

Most of the other DVDs are atleast two years old.

But the Longten has been burnt in a Pioneer 106D, right?

Since I was a bigger newbie back then, I would usually go with max speed, if it was 8x, I’d go for 8x, if it was 16x, I’d go with 16x.
Most of the other DVDs are atleast two years old.
Things get kinda clearer to me. LiteOn burners were not very good until recently, add to this disc quality variation, drive aging possibly impacting the consistency of the scans, possible early aging of the discs from difficult conditions (temps and humidity), possible fake media, bad batches of discs…

…You’ve thrown too many things in the basket at the same time, actually… :bigsmile: - it’s ony natural, given the circumstances, to be confused and come up with such a thread title! LOL

Seriously now, you can’t make proper comparisons or conclusions based on these elements. Without original scans performed at the time of the burn, we’re left to conjectures! :doh:

Sorry! Yes, the DVD Burner used for the Longsten was a Pioneer 106D, I forgot it was the one I had used with my old computer before I had rebuilt and put new parts into it.

Thanks Francksoy for the helpful post :bigsmile: , from now on I plan to make a CD Speed check on every burn I do to keep it archived.

What media should I use? Verbatim is more widely available but I hear TY is the top of the chain when it comes to media, Verbatim vs TY… is it basically a tie between them two?

Just wondering though, is my LITE-ON a good burner? (About 2 years old) I’ve read NECs are pretty good too, as so are Plextor burners. If it isn’t good, what type of burner do you guys recommend for the best quality of burning?


Either is fine, but I’ve found that I get better results & compatibility with the TY’s.

Of course, everyones equipment is different, and you will need to check which works better for you :slight_smile:

Disks: personally I prefer Verbatim for compatibility with players, availability and price, but TY is more consistent from batch to batch. I also burn tons of HP branded CMC MAG E01. Great discs.

Burners: IMO best current burners are PX 755 (expensive), Benq 1650 (difficult to find, end of life) and Pioneer 111D.

NEC burners have annoying issues, LG burners create too much jitter to my taste, LiteOn burners have questionable quality control so you can have a great or crappy burner depending on the unit (I’ve had three crappy LiteOn units in a raw! :eek: )… don’t know much about the Samsungs.

The lastest Plextor models (755/760) have a similar/related issue to the NEC/Optiarc drives currently (seems firmware related) so [I]currently[/I] I would not choose them because of the OPC issues.

Yes, but according to [B]DrageMester[/B] (which I tend to trust in these matters ;)), these re-linking spikes do not affect readability like the ones produced by NEC burners.

Anyway, I think these Plextor burners are too expensive. I’m still considering the 1650 as the best all-rounder (the Pioneer does better with some MIDs, but the Benq does OK with almost any MID - even el-cheapo media - and the Pioneer is a very unreliable scanner… ).


Yes, though I feel that any drive which produces burns which may have compatibility issues is a lesser drive IMO. The example of Pioneer 111 & NEC/Optiarc drives is an interesting one, where both use NEC chipsets, yet only NEC/Optiarc have the OPC issues, still!

Also, you may want to read this thread about Plextor 755 OPC issue:

Thank you everyone! :bow: just the responses I needed!

I heard the Pioneer 111D is a pretty good burner especially for the price. I’ve honestly used LiteOn with most DVDs so maybe it is a good idea to change onto some better burner.

Thanks guys, I’ll probably end up getting the BenQ 1650 if I can manage to find it, or would it be wise to just wait until a newer model comes out? I’ve never had a BenQ and not sure how it fairs up when ranked with some of the other top burners. ( I’ve never had one, so I can’t really give my opinion ) but I’ll definitely check this burner out.